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Register for the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition, 2-3 July 2020!

Shelley is rolling out soon! This is not just a critical time in the history of blockchain technology, but also a shift in how we leverage technology for the betterment of everyone, everywhere.

Join us 2-3 July 2020 to learn more about Shelley, network with key industry and thought leaders, and to discuss the next stage in reinventing the way we live using blockchain technology.

Key speakers include Vinton Gray Cerf, one of the “fathers of the internet”, Stephen Wolfram, acclaimed author and mathematician, Charles Hoskinson, IOHK CEO, and many more.

View Vint Cerf’s Video Message

During the inaugural virtual Summit, you can join lectures, keynotes and workshops on:

  • The science of blockchain, featuring talks by Aggelos Kiayias, IOHK Chief Scientist;
  • Blockchain and business, highlighting key blockchain use cases and enterprise solutions;
  • Building the Cardano community, featuring talks by Cardano Ambassadors;
  • Governance and regulation for blockchain discussing the Cardano governance model
  • A few surprises…

The event is free to attend!

Register today to be a part of this milestone in Cardano’s history, and to help drive the shift we need to use technology for the betterment of everyone, everywhere.

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Cardano Foundation shapes legislation to future-proof blockchain industry

On June 11th, the Cardano Foundation — in line with its goal to expand third-party integration capabilities and strengthen relationships with exchanges — has appointed Mel McCann as Platform Integrations Engineer and John MacPherson as Exchange Relationship Manager, effective immediately. These latest additions significantly expand the Foundation’s technical offerings ahead of the Shelley Mainnet launch later this year.

Read more here

Become the next Cardano Ambassador with our Ambassador Program!

The Cardano Ambassador Program is our token of appreciation for representing our core values, and our gratitude for spreading the word and contributing to Cardano’s growth. The Cardano Foundation launched Phase 2 of its flagship program in April 2020, and we are receiving a lot more ambassadorship nominees every month! Watch Tiago Serôdio, our Community Project Manager, talk about the program…and perhaps nominate yourself!*

Learn more about the program:

*(Please note: One of the requirements to become an Ambassador is a history of contributions to the community! If you are nominated but don’t yet have a history of the type of contributions that are involved in being an Ambassador, such as translating content or hosting meetups, your application will be rejected. Please don’t be discouraged! We encourage you to come back and apply again in a short while.)

Watch Tiago’s video on the Ambassador Program

Popular demand prompts Cardano Foundation award five grants for three months for stake pool dashboard and monitoring tools

Due to the exceptional calibre of submitted proposals for stake pool dashboard and monitoring pools, the Cardano Foundation decided to award five grants for the duration of three months instead of three grants for half a year. Each grant recipient will get up to US$1000 each month for three months. The requests for proposals were finalized on 10 May 2020 and the review committee has thoroughly reviewed all submissions. Here are the five grant recipients:

Check it out here

IOHK Blog: Integrating and advancing with Adrestia

Recently IOHK has updated their blog with an entry specifically focused on “Adrestia”, a tool for exchanges and developer partners, to integrate the Cardano blockchain on their platforms. Technology often moves so quickly that keeping up with the pace of change can be unrealistic. Cardano’s development and release process are now driving things forward apace. Managing parallel software development work streams moving at different speeds can feel a bit like changing the tires on a truck while it’s driving at 60 miles per hour.

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IOHK Tim Harrison’s Shelley rollout blog: weekly update W/E 12th June 2020

It has been a good couple of weeks with the progress on the Shelley testnet. This has been a particularly special one, as we opened up our “Friends and Family” testnet to any stake pool operator who wanted to join the network. We’ve had a very positive response with lots of community activity, discussion and collaboration.

We are very pleased to report that at the time of writing (June 12th), the network now has nearly 200 registered active stake pools set up and running on the testnet, just 4 days after opening the doors of the ‘Friends and Family’ testnet to the entire Cardano stake pool operator community.

Of course, some of the pioneers are running more than one pool. But to see this number already is testament to the competency and commitment of the Cardano community and the experience we all gained through the build-out of the ITN in the early part of this year.

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Charles Hoskinson’s Recent Cardano Updates, Interviews and AMAs

The last week or so, Charles Hoskinson has taken the time to sit down and do a variety of Cardano Updates, Interviews and AMAs. Please check them out as some of them really have some valuable updates, goodies and ‘backpocket stuff’ in them! Enjoy!

Read and Watch Charles’ latest AMA

MUST WATCH! Check out Charles’ latest “Unqualified Opinions” interview with Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari Crypto. (Spoiler: It’s good!)

Check out the interview

EMURGO Blog: Partnering with Ergo and Building Blockchain-Based Decentralized Financial Solutions

SINGAPORE JUNE 9 2020 / EMURGO Ptd. Ltd. – announces today a strategic partnership with Ergo - a proof-of-work blockchain protocol built to be a platform for applications with a main focus on providing simple solutions for financial contracts with its UTXO-based smart contracts. Designed and led by former IOHK engineers, Ergo places high emphasis on offering customized privacy for stakeholders utilizing the network, long-term blockchain network sustainability, and decentralization options.

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EMURGO Blog: How a Coffee Bean Processor Uses EMURGO’s Blockchain-based Traceability Solution

Earlier this year, EMURGO announced the launch of EMURGO Traceability Solution. This tailored solution is designed to meet the needs of enterprises that want to reliably verify various aspects of their products in the marketplace. EMURGO Traceability Solution provides this added value of premium quality verification through the usage of blockchain technology to shed transparency on supply chain best practices including quality assurance, premium ingredient sourcing, and certification labeling data, among other processes.

Read more about traceability

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25 June 2020 Live Cardano Croatia Meetup - The road to Shelley explained. In Zagreb, Croatia by Marin Kramaric

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