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Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition Recap

The Cardano Virtual Summit: Shelley Edition attracted more than 10,000 participants—no small feat! There were 70 panels and discussions throughout 2 and 3 July 2020, with each session delivering never-before-heard news, valuable information and exclusives. We extend our gratitude to all those who attended the 2020 summit, for your continued support and for your belief in our mission. We are now at a time of perception shift: how blockchain will make better possible for the few and for the many. It is a critical juncture in the history of blockchain technology.

The Summit enjoyed some big name speakers, such as Vinton Gray Cerf, one of the “fathers of the internet”, Stephen Wolfram, acclaimed author and mathematician, Charles Hoskinson, IOHK CEO, Aggelos Kiayias, Chief Scientist at IOHK, Coinbase representatives, and many more. We will be posting all the different talks and updates on our social and YouTube channels for your viewing in the coming weeks.

Please keep an eye out for them!

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Check out the Cardano Virtual Summit Opening Keynote Recap

Check out the Cardano Virtual Summit Closing Keynote Recap

Cardano Foundation releases new Cardano website

The Cardano Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the new Cardano website as of 1 July 2020. The new look on is one of the deliverables of Project Renovare, the brand reappraisal exercise led by the Cardano Foundation, ahead of the smart contracts rollout later this year.

Go to the new website

Read more here about

With the launch of a brand new Cardano website and brand identity, and the Cardano Virtual Summit, the dawn of Shelley is casting fresh light on Cardano’s future. It has also highlighted the need for a documentation framework fit for our rapidly growing ecosystem.

"A source of all Cardano truth."

Read IOHK’s blog about a source for all truth

McCann Dublin’s Guest blog: All about Cardano’s brand reappraisal – Project Renovare

Last December, the Cardano Foundation appointed McCann Dublin as the brand strategy and design agency for Cardano and the Cardano Foundation. Project Renovare, the brand reappraisal project led by the Cardano Foundation, aims to drive the adoption of Cardano and future-proofing the protocol to deliver value amid growing demand for blockchain solutions.

Last week, McCann Dublin shared its side of the story and wrote about its journey throughout Project Renovare to reappraise Cardano’s brand. In this guest blog, McCann Dublin outlines what challenges it encountered, and what approaches it took to refresh Cardano’s brand to position it as a catalyst for betterment of the world.

Read McCann Dublin’s guest blog here

Cardano Foundation appoints Maryam Mahjoub to strengthen its marketing efforts

The Cardano Foundation – in line with its integrated marketing and communications strategy – has expanded its global PR, Communications and Marketing function by appointing Maryam Mahjoub as the new Marketing Manager, effective immediately. The latest addition is in accordance with the Foundation’s worldwide growth plans, with more key positions to be filled in 2020 ahead of the transfer of custody of Cardano.

Read more about Maryam

IOHK blogs: “Iterating for growth with IOHK research” and “The Ouroboros path to decentralization”

Setting solid parameter values – while maintaining flexibility for the future – will be key to the growth and ongoing decentralization of Cardano. After consulting with the community, and working closely with my colleagues Kevin Hammond and Alex Apeldoorn, we believe we have identified a good place to start.

Read Lars’ full blog about parameters

Designing and deploying a distributed ledger is a technically challenging task. What is expected of a ledger is the promise of a consistent view to all participants as well as a guarantee of responsiveness to the continuous flow of events that result from their actions. These two properties, sometimes referred to as persistence and liveness, are the hallmark of distributed ledger systems.

Read Aggelos Kiayias’ full blog on Ouroboros and Decentralization

EMURGO blog: Partnership with Online Travel Agency to Drive the Adoption of Cardano’s ada

EMURGO recently announced its partnership with Online Travel Agency (OTA) – the world’s leading blockchain-based travel booking platform trusted by customers worldwide. This partnership will enable travelers to easily book hotels and travel accommodations all over the globe using Cardano’s native cryptocurrency ada on’s online platform. As the official travel partner of EMURGO, Cardano ada users will also receive 10% cashback for all hotel bookings made with ada until 31 July.

Check out the partnership details

EMURGO blog: EMURGO Joins Trace Alliance to Deliver Tailored Supply Chain Solutions for Enterprises

EMURGO has formally announced the joining of Trace Alliance – a collaborative union connecting technology solutions providers, enterprises, startups, and academia with supply chain professionals to foster blockchain solutions development and integration with supply chain verticals.

Read more about the update

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29 July 2020 Cardano Staking Delegation – All You Need To Know Online, USA by Matthew Consolo and Hassan Michael

28 July 2020 Cardano Blockchain - DC Meetup, Washington DC, USA Isaac and Dave Dio

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