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IOHK blog and Monthly Update on the Byron reboot.


At the end of March, IOHK held another monthly update from the product marketing and management team.

This time it was hosted by Aparna Jue and Tim Harrison, and talked about the upcoming Cardano updates such as the Byron Reboot. The Byron Reboot contains the foundational code on which the Shelley era of the mainnet will be deployed. In fact, we have already deployed new Shelley era relays onto the mainnet and these have been running well now for a couple of weeks. The reboot is the beginning of the transition of the entire mainnet Cardano codebase and the features that Shelley will bring - like staking, delegation and, of course, decentralization.

Read the full IOHK blog here

Watch the Byron reboot update on Crowdcast

Watch the Byron reboot update on IOHK’s YouTube

IOHK Blog: “Enter the Hydra”, scaling distributed ledgers, the evidence-based way

Scalability is the greatest challenge to blockchain adoption. By applying a principled, evidence-based approach, we have arrived at a solution for Cardano and networks similar to it: Hydra. Hydra is the culmination of extensive research, and a decisive step in enabling decentralized networks to securely scale to global requirements.

Read the full blog by Prof. Aggelos here

The Cardano Effect with Team COTI TCE #80

Last year, the AdaPay solution – developed by the Cardano Foundation and COTI – went live.
This solution allows merchants to accept payments in ada with a near-instant settlement into 35 fiat currencies directly into their bank accounts.
In this episode COTI explains about building a platform built from a blockless chain, a new consensus algorithm, and dApps that create payment networks over DAG. COTI can be used by merchants, payment service providers and financial organizations that wish to create their own payment network.

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Watch TCE #80 here

Read more about COTI’s Ada Pay solution

Charles Hoskinson’s AMA - 23 March, 2020

Charles Hoskinson sat down to discuss “Deadlines and Delays” in achieving milestones for Cardano.

In short:

  • Cardano started as a scientific project which means that it is subject to a challenging development timeline in exchange for making foundational contributions to the crypto space.

  • IOHK is constantly building and developing its ecosystem through releases, blog posts, videos and updates.

  • All challenges and missteps have been learning opportunities for the further advancement of Cardano.

  • The Cardano ecosystem was built in order to generate a decentralized global social and financial operating system, it was not created to make day traders wealthy.

  • He encourages all supporters to be patient and to await more information from Aparna Jue this month (March 31st)

Read and watch the full AMA here

Shelley Incentivized Testnet Development Update - 20th & 27th March 2020

Hi all! Dimitris here, back for another week to share an update on the Shelley Incentivized Tesntet progress. Thanks for all your further feedback on these weekly video updates. It’s been great to get your thoughts on how we can improve them. We’re glad you are finding them useful and we will continue to try to bring you more useful information going forward.

Watch the March 20 update

Watch the March 27 update

EMURGO Blog: Meet Quidli, a Blockchain Startup Improving Incentives in the Workplace in the dLab/EMURGO Accelerator Program

EMURGO is happy to welcome Quidli, the newest batch member of the dLab/EMURGO startup accelerator. Quidli was built with the belief that the best employees of any organization should be rewarded for their contributions. Through blockchain technology, Quidli incentivizes high-performance workers to thrive through receiving financial rewards and perks from the organization they work for. Quidi’s team all come from diverse backgrounds, with a shared passion for blockchain. Each team member brings a wealth of experience in various domains.

Read the full blog post here

The Cardano Foundation Community Team Supports Folding@Home Research

On March 18th, the Cardano Foundation’s Community Management Team announced its support of Folding@Home for nCovid-19 research. This decentralized effort aims to power complex and high-energy consuming computations to study the protection mechanism of proteins of the virus.

Cardano community members from around the world have already joined the Cardano Team on Folding@Home. Our team number is: 244483

(Disclaimer: the software used in this initiative is not owned and/or maintained by the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO or IOHK. Please use any and all third party software at your own discretion.)

Find out more on the Cardano forum

Read the Cardano Foundation Chairperson’s message about Covid19

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