Shelley Incentivized Testnet Development Update - 20 March 2020

In this Shelley Incentivized Testnet Development Update video series, Project Manager Dimitris Poulopoulos will be taking you through the updates on a regular basis.

Hi all, this is Dimitris.

Here’s another quick update on where we are with the Shelley Incentivized Testnet.

Earlier this week the ITN team successfully released Daedalus 2.3.1-ITN1, which introduces a new version of the cardano-wallet and the 0.8.14 Jörmungandr node. The new version of cardano-wallet fixed the issue of stake pools not loading and improved consistency of stake pool ranking by desirability, by making historical data for past epochs available to the desirability calculation logic. Daedalus also fixed the color of the stake pool rank in stake pool details. The color now matches the stake pool rank color in the stake pool list.

Notarization for macOS installers has been updated to accommodate recently changed Apple compliance standards. Installers now work correctly on macOS Catalina and are not showing the error previously shown.

This release also has one known issue. Initial loading of stake pools after this update will take longer than normal. It may take 30 minutes or more to load stake pools after installing this update, but subsequent loading times will be much faster.

On the Jormungandr side, this week we released another node version aiming to further improve the network; at a glance:

  • made updates on the P2P policy to increase the time a node is quarantined if recidivists.
  • added a new field in the stats REST APIs: peerConnectedCnt to get a view on state of the network connections.
  • refined the default values of the max_client_connections, to improve the observed network behavior.
  • made core improvement in the blockchain state engine.

The network is now performing very well with around 99% uptime. A big thank you to the community for your growing number of contributions which is increased in this release!

As always, you may find more information on the Jomungandr repo under

We’ll continue to do some minor developments over the next few weeks; however no significant new features are expected at this point for ITN. The Daedalus team will now be shifting most of its focus onto the Haskell Shelley rollout, starting with preparation for the upcoming Daedalus Byron reboot.

Keep watching our IOHK channels for more news on that soon. But for now - thanks and stay safe everyone.