Shelley Incentivized Testnet Development Update - 27 March 2020

In this Shelley Incentivized Testnet Development Update video series, Project Manager Dimitris Poulopoulos will be taking you through the updates on a regular basis:

For those of you who like to read, here’s a script of the video :slight_smile:

Hi all, this is Dimitris.

Here’s another quick update on where we are with the Shelley Incentivized Testnet.

Last week the ITN team successfully released Daedalus 2.3.1-ITN1, which introduces a new version of the Cardano-wallet and the 0.8.14 Jörmungandr node to tackle some of the recent ITN issues identified including the Catalina notarization, SP list loading and improved consistency of stake pool ranking by desirability, among others.

We now feel in terms of both functionality and network stability we are in a very good place with ITN. We shall continue to maintain and learn from the ITN as we head towards making staking available on the Shelley mainnet and roll out any additional fixes that may be required over the weeks ahead. Further Jormungandr versions will still be released on a weekly pace and will be shared through Github and community channels/comms, for the remaining duration of the Incentivised testnet.

I will also share further video updates ad hoc. These will be made available ad-hoc in case of new features or significant updates during the ITN maintenance mode over the next several weeks. Our focus is now shifting to the imminent Byron reboot, the Haskell Shelley testnet and subsequent rollout onto the mainnet. So this will be the last weekly update from me on the ITN as I will also be shifting my focus onto new projects while continuing to help manage the ITN through the maintenance phase.

On the Jormungandr side, this week we released another node version aiming to further improve the network; at a glance:

Implemented some minor fixes in the latest added endpoints regarding stake distribution and reward history that was recently introduced. The node was throwing an exception when the epoch didn’t exist (Possible epoch holes on some blockchain, removed the asserts to prevent unnecessary panics). Now it has been tuned to return a proper 404 HTTP code in order to make integration with client apps easier.
Added CPU optimised assets to build on future releases
Made some non user impacting changes like separating doc tests and run on it on one thread; to fix the tests that started to fail due to high memory usage of the doc tests when executed in multiple threads in parallel.
Network performance remains very high with around 99% uptime persisting.

As always, you may find more information on the Jomungandr repo under

This has been a quiet week on the technical support side - we have received and processed a low number of tickets. Our most recent release has introduced a number of improvements in the areas of stake pool loading, connecting and synchronizing, including the issue related to the MacOS installer for Daedalus Rewards.

New incidents - 232
Resolved incidents - 327
Incident backlog - 290

So that’s it from me for a while. Working on the ITN has been a great exercise that allows us to learn a lot and gain valuable experience. We’ll continue to run it and engage with all our stakepool operator partners - all the learnings so far have been collected, structured and currently being reviewed in order to be incorporated into further testnet and mainnet releases.

Our stake pool operators should continue as usual, we continue to appreciate your involvement and feedback with the ITN. We will be sharing very soon how stake pool operators can also get involved with the Haskell testnet. The next exciting stage in our journey towards Shelley on the Cardano mainnet.

Keep watching our IOHK channels for more news on that soon. But for now - thanks and stay safe everyone.