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Get to know the Cardano Foundation Team

Meet Bakyt Azimkanov, Global Director of PR, Communications and Marketing, Gianna Abegg, Legal and Operations Officer, and Steve Wagendorp, Head of Technical Operations at the Cardano Foundation. In these three videos, you can learn about Bakyt, Gianna and Steve’s roles and responsibilities at the Foundation as well as their main focus for 2020.

Watch Bakyt’s video here

Watch Gianna’s video here

Watch Steve’s video here

Charles Hoskinson Cardano Update 24/02/2020

On Monday February 24th Charles Hoskinson sat down for another update on the recent progress with Cardano, discussing key upcoming milestones on the road to the launch of Shelley mainnet.

Brief summary:

  • The launch of the OBFT hard fork went off without a hitch, but we remind all users to protect their private keys.

  • The Byron reboot will be released this month (March).

  • The Shelley launch date will depend on the progress of each sprint, but more clarity will develop towards the end of March .

  • At the beginning of March the PwC workshop will bring together EMURGO, The Cardano Foundation, and IOHK.

Watch and read the update here

In addition, on February 28th 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down to give another brief 10min. update. There he discussed the recent “Cardano Development Monthly Update” (video) as well as the upcoming PwC workshop and Byron reboot.

Quick Summary:

-IOHK product managers recently released the first iteration of the Cardano Development Monthly Update onto its Youtube channel.

-The PwC workshop will still be held in March, but the Africa tour has been delayed until May due to concerns over the Covid19 Virus.

-The Byron reboot will still occur in March.

-IOHK is working with the Cardano Foundation to develop a single source of truth for Cardano’s online assets, this includes and refreshed documentation.

-IOHK has recently welcomed a new CTO, Romain Pellerin, to the team.

Watch and read the Feb 28th update here

Shelley Incentivized Testnet Development Update - 28 February 2020

Hi all. Dimitris here, back for another week to share an update on the Shelley Incentivized Tesntet progress. Thanks for all your further feedback on these weekly video updates. It’s been great to get your thoughts on how we can improve them. We’re glad you are finding them useful and we will continue to try to bring you more useful information going forward.

Watch Dimitris’ Update Video here

The Cardano Effect Podcast #76: DeFi, Cardano Foundation, and Business with Nicolás Arqueros

The Cardano Foundation Council Member and EMURGO Chief Technology Officer, Nicolás Arqueros, talks with TCE about DeFi technology and business compared to traditional finance, along with answering Reddit questions from the community. This is his 3rd time joining on The Cardano Effect.

Check it out here

ICYMI: Important Announcement - OBFT hard fork on the Byron mainnet

On the 20th of February 2020, IOHK made an important update as part of the journey to launching Shelley era functionality on the Cardano mainnet. After full testing on our testnet, we have now switched the mainnet from the original consensus protocol Ouroboros Classic (Byron Era) to an updated version, Ouroboros BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerant).


  • Ada holders DO NOT need to take any action during or after the hard fork.
  • NO new ada coins are created and/or cannot be claimed.
  • Beware of scammers telling you different! They are actively trying to get your details.
  • DO NOT share your private keys to anyone!

Watch Tim’s video here

Read more on the forum

EMURGO Blog: Explaining Cardano’s (Ouroboros) Proof-of-Stake (PoS) vs. Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) Blockchain

Cardano utilizes Proof-of-Stake (PoS) for its consensus mechanism to achieve the same security guarantees as Bitcoin - a first generation blockchain. A consensus mechanism is the way a blockchain secures its network and records.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) is another type of blockchain consensus mechanism available today. There are many similarities between DPoS and PoS. Both rely on on-chain resources (i.e. stake in the system) rather than off-chain resources (i.e. hashing power with Bitcoin) to achieve consensus in the network. Consensus is important to securing the network and especially important with a decentralized public blockchain where anyone can join the network.

In this blog, we will look at the specific differences between DPoS and Cardano’s (Ouroboros based) PoS system.

Continue reading EMURGO’s blog here

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3 Mar 2020 [Marcin Szamotulski]: Ouroboros-Network - networking for Cardano crypto currency, in Copenhagen Denmark, by RamĂłn and Joakim

4 Mar 2020 Blockchain - Time to explore the Cardano smart contract platform, in Stockholm, Sweden, by Thomas Bucklund

7 Mar 2020 Testnet Study Group, in Tokyo, by Hideki Takeshi

19 Mar 2020 Cardano Blockchain Croatia Meetup, in Zagreb Croatia. By Marin Kramaric

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