Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update - 28/2/2020

Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update - 28/2/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On February 28th 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down to give a brief 10minute update. There he discussed the recent “Cardano Development Monthly Update” (video) as well as the upcoming PWC workshop and Byron reboot.

Quick Summary:

-IOHK product managers recently released the first iteration of the Cardano Development Monthly Update onto its Youtube channel.

-The PWC workshop will still be held in March, but the Africa tour has been delayed until May due to concerns over the Covid19 Virus.

-The Byron reboot will still occur in March.

-IOHK is currently developing a single source of truth for Cardano’s online assets, this includes and refreshed documentation.

-IOHK has recently welcomed a new CTO, Romain Pellerin, to the team.

Cardano broadcast

We recently released the first Cardano Development Monthly update on the YouTube channel as well as Charles Hoskinson’s Twitter feed. The point of these updates is to have each of the Product Manager doing direct work on Cardano, to provide a window into what is going on that particular month and the overall purpose of their project.

We feel that this is also a two way communication mechanism. We believe these will behave like community AMAs. Next month, the livestream will include community participation. This may include soliciting questions ahead of time in addition to doing a broadcast.

Each Cardano Development Monthly will get subsequently deeper and contain additional information from the product team. We remind everyone that there is a good deal going on behind the scenes in the development of Cardano and at times, it is not broadcast to the community. We believe therefore that it is crucial to create a single source of truth in this broadcast format. We encourage everyone to watch and participate in this information stream.

Travel and delays

Furthermore, Charles Hoskinson will be in London for the PWC workshop along with the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO, in order to align the commercial strategy in anticipation for the launch of Shelley.

We will have to cancel some upcoming events. The future meetup group and Africa tour will be delayed. The Africa tour will be delayed until May due to travel restrictions and the spread of Corona Virus. We see this as a tipping point where in the next 4 to 6 weeks we will see if the virus is a global pandemic or if it will eventually burn itself out, becoming less of a concern.

There are a variety of opinions on what will happen next. As a consequence, we will have to prioritize safety and delay international events. We hope that the delayed Africa trip will still include Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda. With the additional time to prepare we should be able to gain more out of the trip than previously expected.

Byron and the ITN

The Byron Reboot will launch in March. This is the most significant update for the consumer in the history of Cardano. This is completely new code and we might even have a bec32 address format shortly. The product team should be able to make an announcement soon about the the Haskell Shelley testnet, for migration purposes to help people redeploy their infrastructure

The ITN will likely reach the end of its life at the end of March. This means that it will no longer receive updates and patches. It will continue to run until the Haskell testnet, it just will not be patched any longer.

Continuing cadence

We will continue with the release cadence of Jormungandr, every Wednesday. Then every Monday Daedalus and the wallet backend will receive their updates. We will soon be announcing which vendor has been chosen for the Ledger update to bring cold staking and multisigs to the ledger. These updates will be coming out on a weekly basis.

We are also developing an initiative to create a single source of truth for all the web assets for Cardano. We are working with the Cardano Foundation on this. This will likely take place on a page. We are also working on a redo of the Cardano documentation in advance of the launch of Shelley.

Building documentation

We are currently spending dedicated development time on the documentation to ensure that it is comprehensive and accurate. That work is currently underway. We anticipate that it will be a few months before it is finished. Once it is finished we are confident that it will be the best documentation in the space.

IOHK recently brought on its first CTO. Romain Pellerin will likely be integrating into our Cardano Development Monthly broadcasts as well. The addition of a CTO will help us to bring more interesting things to market. We are glad to have him onboard.

Financing the community

We are also looking at sources of funding for community driven efforts and projects. The Cardano Foundation will likely begin talking about its grant strategy for 2020. We are also exploring key Cardano infrastructure which is critical for competition with not only existing cryptocurrencies but those which will be emerging into markets later.

We will make a statement about the Commercially Critical Cardano Infrastructure. This will include information about what items we feel are in this category and how they will be deployed.

Summing up

In conclusion, the Cardano Development Monthly Broadcast will bring the community new updates directly from the product managers. The Africa tour will be delayed until May due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus. We will be having the PWC workshop in March however. Finally, we are thrilled to welcome our new CTO Roman Pellerin