Cardano Community Newsletter - 10th June, 2020

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Cardano Foundation shapes legislation to future-proof blockchain industry

This op-ed appeared on 2 June 2020 on CityAM, a British newspaper, and was written by Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson, and Hinrich Pfeifer, General Secretary of the Cardano Foundation.

Legislation is one key to adoption through use cases of blockchain—be it in emerging markets or developed nations. Robust regulatory environments and innovation-friendly political landscapes that foster technological advancements are vital to shaping technology-driven growth.

Since the concept of blockchain was introduced in 1991, our perception of the technology has shifted and our collective understanding continues to change as we head towards a blockchain-enabled era of the future. For this to materialise on a full scale, we need laws that support ever-changing disruptive growth.

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IOHK Launches Public Shelley Testnet for Cardano

Yesterday IOHK marked the start of the public Shelley testnet, a hugely important milestone on our shared journey to Shelley mainnet. From right now, any operator who wants to run a Cardano pool can start getting ready for mainnet staking & delegation later this summer.

Check out the video and resources below!

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Go to the testnets website

Check out the Shelley Haskell Testnet Forum

IOHK Tim’s Shelley Haskell rollout - weekly update w/e 29 May

The last week of May was a big week for announcements, as we laid out our Shelley rollout plan during our monthly Cardano LIVE show. If you haven’t seen it yet, and still want to know “Wen Shelley?!” you can catch the replay below.

Meanwhile, we’ve had a busy few days on the testnet. Things are going great.

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IOHK’s Christopher Greenwood: Shelley Testnet Development Update - Week 4

Here’s Christopher with the next installment of IOHK’s twice-monthly “#ShelleyTestnets” rollout updates. We’re now halfway into Week 4 and things are progressing nicely. Thanks, as ever, to our pioneers helping us make it all happen!

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IOHK Blog: The abstract nature of the Cardano consensus layer

This new series of technical posts by IOHK’s engineers considers the choices being made.

As we head towards Shelley on the Cardano mainnet, we’re keen to keep you up to date with the latest news. We also want to highlight the tireless work going on behind the scenes, and the team of engineers responsible.
In the Developer Deep Dive series of occasional technical blogs, we open the floor to IOHK’s engineers. Over the months ahead, our Haskell developers will offer a candid glimpse into the core elements of the Cardano platform and protocols, and share insights into the choices that have been made.
Here, in the first of the series, we consider the use of abstraction in the consensus layer.

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Charles Hoskinson’s Recent AMA

On June 5th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down to give an AMA where he discusses the recent work that IOHK has been doing on Cardano, in addition to touching a little bit on recent events.

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EMURGO Webinar Recap: How Blockchain Can Improve Supply Chain and Traceability Solutions

EMURGO successfully held its second webinar last week with participants from all over the world joining in to learn about how blockchain can make supply chain verticals more business efficient. There was detailed discussion of practical use cases and more conversation on the recently launched EMURGO Traceability Solution.

In EMURGO’s second online webinar with EMURGO Indonesia CEO Shunsuke Murasaki and Blockchain Solutions Unit Manager Purushotham Maralappa, we dove into the basics of blockchain technology, how blockchain adds value to the supply chain, actual use cases for blockchain integration into live supply chain models and a full discussion of EMURGO Traceability Solution’s integration with Indonesian coffee brand Blue Korintji Coffee.

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EMURGO Announcement: Yoroi Mobile now offers Ledger Nano X bluetooth support!

EMURGO is excited to release Ledger Nano X bluetooth compatibility for the Yoroi Mobile application! Yoroi is the first Cardano mobile wallet to integrate directly with a Ledger device!

Check out the download Links below!

Download for iOS

Download for Android

New Cardano Ambassador Stories available now!

Welcome to a new batch of our “Ambassador Stories” series! New stories will be shared with you whenever new ambassadors join our ranks and share their stories. During the last few months, we have been able to onboard several new ambassadors and we will have plenty of stories to share with you.

With the Ambassador Stories, you will be able to enjoy the various unique stories of our Cardano Community Ambassadors: what motivates them to be part of this amazing and wonderful community.

The Cardano Community Management Team thanks the Ambassadors for all their continued efforts and participation in sharing their stories with us.

Please read all about them below!

Read #22: Fabian & Piero

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14 Jun 2020 Cardano UnConference Online June 2020 Online, UK by Robert Castelo

17 June 2020 Cardano Shelley Upcoming Release Online USA Matthew Consolo and Hassan Michael

19 Jun 2020 Cardano Brasil meet up online Online Brazil MrBrinker (Forum name)

23 Jun 2020 Cardano Blockchain - DC Meetup Washington DC USA Isaac and Dave Dio

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