Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in hosting a Cardano meetup in your country or city!
We’ve put together some guidelines to get you started. We wholeheartedly support community-run meetups to grow and foster our global community and to help share the goals and vision behind the Cardano project. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Before Starting a Meetup

Please check if there is an existing Cardano Meetup group in your area from the webpages below. We encourage community members to join forces in the same cities.

Ask around. Post in our Forum’s meetup category to see whether there are any existing groups or organizers who have already started making the first steps. If you are the first to launch the meetup group in your area, keep on reading to start organizing your meetup.

First step! Read through the Meetup E-Book

The Cardano meetup ebook has everything you need to start your group. You can find the e-book here.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we also included several suggestions and ideas on how to hold an online (e-meetup) event(s) going forward. Please refer to it here.

Make a plan for your meetup

  • Team up: Connect with other Cardano community members to help you with the meetup logistics, setup, promotion and outreach. You can use our many social channels and the Forum to find like-minded individuals in your area. We recommend having a team of 2-3 to host a successful event, but of course, we’ve seen outstanding meetups happen with one organizer.
  • Make sure you have the time to take on this responsibility. Successful meetup groups will take commitment and consistent action.
  • Picking a time and find the venue that best suits you in your area
  • Setting out a meetup agenda

Content Development Tips:

  • Specify the audience and focus for your group: it can be for general interest and discussion, for developers and those interested in the coding aspect or something casual and social. The more precise you can be, the better!

  • Create an agenda for your specified audience. This helps make sure people know what they are signing up for.

  • If this is the first meetup in your city, consider a casual meetup where the agenda includes discussion on the goals and focus for your meetup group moving forward. This way, you can involve your local community and get feedback on everyone’s interests.

  • Further details on the planning process is included in the ebook so be sure to have a read through it!

Setup your group page

All the Cardano Meetup group should have their own meetup page on Start by creating a Cardano meetup group for your city.

For the integrity of the community meetups, we ask you to follow our instructions when setting up the page. In the meetup ebook, you will find a section specifically for setting up a Cardano meetup group with details on naming and formatting, as well as images and content that you’re welcome to use.

Help us help you!

Once your meetup group is set up, please fill in this form so we can share your group and event details to the wider, global Cardano community. This also helps us track your meetup group’s progress and activity, which help you become a Cardano Ambassador!

And when you promote the meetup group across your own social media, we kindly ask that you use the hashtag #CardanoCommunity! :slight_smile:

Share your feedback

Your feedback will be a great help both for the Cardano community team and your next meetup. Please share your thoughts and experiences through the feedback form below!

Let’s share your meetup resource with the community

Cardano community meetup is happening from all over the world, and community members who were not able to attend your meetup would like to know what has been discussed and shared. This spreadsheet is to collect community generated resources such as slide deck, meetup video or recap and let the community enjoy the work of your’s and share ideas together.

Please feel free to fill out the template with as much as information you would like to share and let me know if you have any question regarding this.

Code of Conduct

  • As always, we strive to create an open, welcoming community. As a Cardano meetup organizer, we expect the same code of conduct to be upheld.
  • Please treat all community members with respect.
  • We will not tolerate/support any groups or events that act in discriminatory behaviour.
  • If you are aware of any meetup events or organizers who are behaving inappropriately (discriminating, scamming, phishing community members), please do let the community team know.

Finally, we would love to see and share any recaps and photos from your event. Please share photos and a recap of your meetup on the Forum or send them to our e-mail at We look forward to working with you all of you!

Please note that Cardano is not financially supporting community meetups at the moment. But you can apply to be our meetup organizer ambassador. Once you are an ambassador, we are gonna support you with some swags and we will add your meetup group under Cardano’s Pro account so you can better manage your group.

And did you know?

Being a regular meetup organizer for the Cardano community can make you eligible for the Ambassador Program. Read more here!


Thanks! I’ll reach out via email regarding the NYC group.

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Last edit - April 1, 2019 : Community resource template update


I’m giving this post a bump as a reminder.


Last edited: April 15th, 2020.

In light of COVID-19, we’ve added “Suggestions and ideas on how to hold an e-meetup.” Please check it out!


Instruction is good but until pandemic end how can a meetup happen ?

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We also included several suggestions and ideas on how to hold an online/virtual meetup. Please refer to it here.


Hello! This link does not work anymore. (first link in the article)
would be great if it could be updated.

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Thank you for letting us know, it’s updated!

Last edit - May 14th, 2021: Meetup E-Book update

Hi! Looking forward to getting involved in the forum. I’m starting a meetup in Alberta, Canada.

It’s a creative circle, because I want to discuss more than just Cardano. The goal is the same, teach people to buy, hold and stake Ada. and other coins of value. Thanks.

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Is it mandatory to use to create regular Cardano community meetings? It is not a popular portal in my country (Poland), it’s not decentralized and it is not free to use… How using it is beneficial for Cardano’s image? Is there some partnership going there?

Will Cardano Foundation ignore my meetup group if I just use social media to organize events? Can I still become an ambassador without using this portal?

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Feel free to use other platforms that suit your conditions. We suggest our community use because it’s wildly popular in most areas. I’m sure there might be better options in different countries. So don’t worry about that.

You can still become an ambassador if you use other meetup platforms. Just remember to share the meetup detail with the community on the forum so people can know and share the links with us so we can evaluate how it goes.

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Just for your information.
Today we have a life Cardano meetup in Slovenia.
It is very difficult to meet all the regulations if a meetup is organized in the bar.
We organized it on a private estate and here the regulations are more friendly.
50 people are allowed.
Testing is not required.

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I was talking about corona regulations of course.

Will the Alonzo hard fork event be broadcast live on here or youtube etc? Thanks

Hoping to reach out for a meetup group in Kampala, Uganda.

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