Are you planning a Cardano Community Meetup?

Are you planning a Cardano community Meetup❓

Come on ‘The ADA voice’ and share your experience with the community❗️

We would love to hear your story and share in your excitement

You can email us at:


Yes I am planning a new meetup here in Sunny Florida. I’d love to get to talk about it

Hi @DeveloperDroid18 ! If you want to hold a Cardano community meetup in your area, reading our guidelines can be a good first step for you. You can find the guidelines here.
Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines

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Welcome on The Cardano Forum.

I would love to have you on the podcast.

Make sure to read through the guide Yeji Kim provided.

That’s a great step by step guide that will help you setup a successful meetup.

Do you have a date in mind for the meetup?
Also, would you like to come on the show before the meetup, after the meetup or both?

Thanks for your passion and your initiative.

Hoping to hear from you soon.



@dennyb2010 Before would be Awesome and the date is in August

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Would love to before and after as well. Are you available tomorrow at 20:30CET for about 30 mins?

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Testing message

Yeah, I am planning to do so.

Hi DeveloperDroid,

Are you available coming week for an interview about your upcoming meetup?