A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Meetup Organizer Role


We created the Meetup organizer role within our Cardano Ambassador program for the main purpose of helping Cardano community members form localized communities and allow members to meet and connect with each other. You are always welcome to hold your own cryptocurrency meetups and include Cardano in your agenda, however, the community team only gives credit for Cardano community meetups.

The most important contribution we expect from the meetup organizer is to hold regular events in their areas and encourage members to engage more with the project.

So what are the steps in becoming a Meetup Organizer?

  • Read through the Cardano Meetup eBook and then contact the Cardano community team here who will help you set up a local group on meetup.com.
  • Host at least two Cardano community meetups, both with at least 10 attendees.
  • Host a meetup at least every three months.

Please provide valid URL links of the meetup group as a proof for your qualification when nominating yourself or someone who you think is qualified for the role. If you do not provide us with valid evidence of previous meetups that the community team can review, your nomination will be rejected. However, you can apply again once you finish assembling the proofs together.

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