Ambassador Program still active?

Hi folks, I ran across the ambassador program page a while back and am wondering if that is still going on? I could use a little extra money right now, and if I understand it correctly you can submit up to 6 items per month for potential $50 each remuneration. Anyone on here currently doing that and/or have any advice about it?

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I believe it is. I do meetups in my area so I can’t advise you on content creation or translation.

I think the requirements are pretty clearly laid out though.

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Thanks, Donny. So you mean you do meetups about Cardano? Interesting idea.

Hey @staxmojo

Yeah the ambassador program is still active but lets be honest here. If you wanna do it for the money, i think there are better ways to make some cash.

The ambassador program isnt about money. Its about spending your time in this ecosystem because you belive in it and want to help building.


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Oh I absolutely do believe in Cardano and have wanted to do the Ambassador Program for a while now. It’s just that I am in Austin and COVID is raging out of control again and I need to make ends meet due to my other gigs getting dry again.

Did you already read up here? Ambassadors

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There is a meetup group in Austin also:

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