Looking to Join as a Cardano Ambassador

Hey my name is Alex Schwartz, AKA Pyro

I am looking to join the Cardano Ambassador program. I have been part of the ecosystem since 2020. I have been very active in the Community. Mostly on twitter.


I participated in Catalyst from fund 7 & 8

My Medium account is fairly knew here are some of my articles I have written about Cardano & Blockchain

I am the community manager for [both] (MehenOfficial) (TestnetCoins)

I have some tweets I have curated as a slide deck to promote tooling on Cardano on my Twitter.

My account being so new I cannot link more than 2 links so I kept the links to my profile to the most important my twitter and my medium. There you can see my involvment and impact in the Cardano community.

I am Looking forward to growing in my position and working with the community. Let me know how to go forward with the Cardano Ambassador program. Thanks

Alex Schwartz, AKA Pyro.


Not sure if you already saw this website Ambassadors

but i just read “Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Program! Nominations are currently closed as we have reached our capacity.” so you probably have to wait abit.


Hi @Alexander_Schwartz , thank you for your contribution. You could check this link for further information & also application:


Hope it helps. Cheers! :beers:

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Glad to see you interested Pyro check out this link my friend see you at Cardano over coffee. Ambassadors

Thanks! yeah I think that application is closed! I def will try to be an ambassador when it opens if I can’t slither in already some how :wink:

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really appreciate the link!