Greetings to all forum members

this is jiten, from India and I’m very interested to know more about Cardano.


Welcome Jitendra,
You have come to the right place. Ask questions and someone will most probably answer.

Can I create content to participate in ambassador program?

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You can start creating content and apply for the ambassador program once you fulfill certain minimum requirements.

You can learn about different roles here:

@jiten123321 Welcome, great to see you here and it’s fantastic that you already have an appetite for Cardano also seeking to contribute to the community.

Hey @jiten123321, :raising_hand_man:t5: welcome to the community! glad to hear you want to be an ambassador, and create content. might i suggest you also possibly consider the translator ambassador as well as it’d be complimentary - and you can do both :scream_cat:

i personally think content+translating especially are where one can create the most value for the community at this stage of our development as we lay the foundations!

especially for the massive billion plus folks in India, from my passive knowledge i understand that the indian government seems to go back and forth on where it stands with crypto… i think it’s inevitable that they’ll have to eventually embrace it, and us knowing that we’ll be already be ahead of the curve!

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In India crypto not banned but yes I can translate and can organize meetups but you know pandemic causing problem their but with my content will get selected and later I will do meetups