New Ambassador from the UK

Hey everyone!

Great to be part of the Cardano family. I’ve recently joined as an ambassador to take on the role of a moderator on Reddit.

A bit about me - I’m based in the UK where I work in research and development within the electronics industry as an automation engineer. I study a software engineering degree in my spare time; love motorcycles and all things computing.

I was initially drawn to Cardano given my familiarity with the development process and share the vision and values of the project. As an ambassador, I hope to positively influence the reddit community in some small way.

I will naturally spend most of my time on reddit, but I will try to show my face here from time to time. Feel free to contact me if you would like help with anything.

Here’s to a great year ahead of us, cheers!



Hello @SL13PNIR and welcome to our family! :slight_smile:


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Welcome Kai (@SL13PNIR)

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Welcome mate :+1:

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welcome @SL13PNIR and congratulations!

hope to see you (and others) interacting more on here as the community own this platform and are 100% responsible and owned here on the forum - as opposed to other social networks where our community are at the mercy of centralised corporate entities.

on a separate note, it’s interesting to see you get appointed ambassador with 7/8 months of community engagement (on reddit) and a week on the forum - while others with years of community engagement (like myself) get told that there are " We currently do not have enough open positions in the moderation team and overstaffed."

NEEDS a separate post to address this issue.


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here’s the separate post relating the the issue i highlighted:


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Will reply to your post over in the other thread. Hang tight.

And welcome @SL13PNIR! Glad to have you.


Welcome aboard @SL13PNIR! Glad to have you reinforce the modding on Reddit with us. Much welcomed. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Kai! Nice to see you here… :slight_smile:

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Welcome @SL13PNIR :wink:

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