I want to be a Cardano Ambassador

How do l get the job?

If you are trolling, good one :clap::grin:!

If you are serious… I wish you good luck for the position. One suggestion i’d like to make is to get acquainted with the forum first, provide some good content and join discussions before you nominate yourself as forum moderator ambassador.

You may not be taken seriously by the foundation otherwise , it is your second day on the forum after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. The previous moderator slot was filled by @SeanAlimov, who recently (and shortly after he became an ambassador) received the “Devotee” badge. You get this one for visiting the forum 365 consecutive days…

I guess you could always try and proceed with your nomination regardless of my suggestions.

Have a good day Sir! And thank you for joining our forum.


Just finished watching KunFu Panda 3. It’s time for @anon6447753 to become who he really is: A Cardano Warrior :slight_smile:

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Wait, there’s a third one? Damnit @Psychomb, you really know how to mess up my schedule haha.

Are you ready @anon6447753? To become what you have always been destined to be? You are… the Cardano Warrior!!

Yes yes yes!!! Thankyou Sir,l am the Cardano warrior! I can kick out everyone l don’t like !l like you though.

LOL, good one

any good KFP3 ?

Cardy just took a big dump