Hello from Salzburg!

Hey Everyone! :blush: :grin:

My name is Tsvetan, I am super enthusiastic about Cardano and especially how all the hard work of the last several years will come in fruition in 2020 and beyond!

I am Bulgarian, however since about 8 years I live in Salzburg, Austria.

My first goal of 2020 is to get more involved in Cardano, as I am already on a daily basis working hard to promote the awareness for Cardano both offline and online.

I am currently exploring the best way to apply myself and do my part to help the ecosystem and community.

Very excited to meet and connect with you guys, and you can find me on:

Twitter: @CryptonianJake
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tsvetan-peshev-76a97619a/

I am also the creator and sole owner of - Hunger For the Life (Facebook motivational Fanpage) with about 165,000 followers which I am slowly but surely tweaking towards Cardano related content).

Have a good one and Happy Staking!

Best regards,


Hello and welcome to the forum @JakeAwesome!

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Thank you very much!

Awesome to be here! :star_struck:


Great to meet you and thanks for your contributions!

I assume you are aware of the Cardano Ambassador program, but in case you are not see this link here:

You can nominate yourself if you have the prerequisites. I believe they will be expanding the roles of the Ambassadors in 2020.

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Hey Donnybaseball!

Thank you so much! Glad to connect!

Yes I am very excited about this and I am actually working hard towards becoming an Ambassador, just created “Cardano Blockchain Salzburg” in meetup.com for the purpose of creating meetings with like minded individuals and getting to know more Cardano fans around here or introduce Cardano to more people. :blush:

I had the incredible pleasure to meet a lot of the guys in IOHK, EMURGO and Cardano Foundation in Plovdiv Bulgaria, and Ambassador Vasil has been guiding me ever since.

I would really love to do more than one of the Ambassador roles and I am trying to find how to best apply my myself and in which role, as I love moderating, want to create content and would love to organize and meet new people :))

Super optimistic about Cardano’s future!



Ha! Very good you are well on your way then! I hope to have the good fortune to meet you in person one day.

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Thank you very much! Likewise! :blush::blush::+1:

@JakeAwesome Welcome on board!

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Welcome Tsvetan!
Great to have you in the community. :smile:

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Thank you very much guys! :blush::pray::grin:

hi, nice to see other people from austria here. :slight_smile:

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Awesome Indeed!

Where are you based?

Perhaps you might be interested in joining our small but nice meetup: Cardano Blockchain Salzburg http://meetu.ps/c/4wYyw/GjFXP/d on Meetup :blush::pray::grinning:

Would be awesome to meet!

Happy staking hehe!

Warm regards,


i’am based in Linz, so not far away.I’ll take i look on your MeetUp Link, thx!


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So, i’am also in your meetup group…

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Hey Dude,a great pleasure for me to meet other guy from Bulgaria right here (I am from there as well)wish you ton of luck and hope that Cardano will succeed,with positive people like you that is fully possible :))

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Awesome :+1::grin:

Glad to have you!

Hope to see you on one of the upcoming Meetups! :))


Hey! @Vaeran

Thank you very much! Glad to meet as well! :)))

Appreciate the kind words and hopefully we will also meet in person soon. :pray: