New Meetup Group & Cardano Blockchain Salzburg Erstes Treffen / First Meetup 25/01/2020

Dear Cardano Community Members!

If you are in #Salzburg today, you are more than welcome to join our first local Cardano Meetup!

The goal of this Meetup is to put pictures to faces, get to know each other and talk about Cardano. :star_struck:

Please note this is a very short-notice and spontaneous meeting so if you cannot make it`s absolutely understandable, more of those to come with particular focus topics, discussions and presentations in more learning orientated venues.

To break the ice, we will grab a :beer:

18:00 @ Augustinerbraü

More details :point_down:


See you soon!

Warm regards,
Tsvetan, @fdoomster & @speedinger


Hey Guys!

An update of the Meetup!

Basically we had a great 3 hour conversation about Cardano, it was very nice to meet with like-minded individuals and we were telling stories of how we found out about Cardano, what we love about it and how we will grow the local community and we started brainstorming about how to better organize future meetups.

Only 4 people showed up, however we registered the Meetup on Wednesday for the following Saturday, we really wanted to meet and get things rolling.

Best regards,

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Good job! @JakeAwesome

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Hey Ryanhe!

Thank you very much! More to come :blush::pray:

Have a good one!


Congrats guys. Treasure small beginnings.

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