Inaugural London Cardano Meetup: Meet & Greet! January 24th

Hello! :slight_smile:

We are delighted to invite you to the Inaugural Cardano Meetup in London!

When? Janaury 24th 2018 from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Where? Shoreditch, London at the Shoreditch Platform, 1 Kingsland Road, E2 8AA

What’s happening? Come along and meet the Cardano team and also meet your fellow community members. This is a very informal social event and we are keen to learn what you would find useful for future events.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Any suggestions for accommodation? There’s no flight in the evening to Italy so I think I am going to stay one night in London :smiley:

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@CyberHek pending on your budget, I recomend Aribnb other then hotel since they normaly have better internet

Looking forward to see the team and the Cardano community!

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is it for developers?

For people who cannot attend, Would you have any web ex or virtual web meeting?


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good point

Hi @AshCryptoFan probably not this time but for the future and any presentations, we hope to.

This first meetup is very informal - a great way for everyone to meet each other :slight_smile:

Hi @Vanamonde - yes and no! It’s for anyone interested in Cardano :slight_smile: It’s not a specific dev meetup though. More social and we are keen to hear about what topics and formats you’d like for the future.

@CyberHek it would be great to see you! It’s a very informal event though, drinks and meet the team and your fellow community members. There will be plenty more :slight_smile:

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@jonmoss nice! I will be coming more of a spectator than anything

@Vanamonde look forward to meeting you! We are going to make sure everyone has the opportunity to meet people and ensure everyone is made welcome :nerd_face:

Lovely idea but … Given the fact that this technology means you become your own bank, isn’t anyone concerned that one day some gangsters will infiltrate meet ups like this and simply put a gun to the head of as many people as possible on the walk home if this technology takes off?

Who needs to go to the hassle of robbing a bank right if you can just befriend a load of crypto investors.

Actually don’t bother befriending, just run an official looking meet up and collect info.

I think a sticky about this should be considered and guidance issued. It’s not like it’s 2008 anymore, the whole world knows about this technology now.

Safety first and all that.

Personally I’m not worried myself, I’m a charity worker and can’t afford much ada but it might be wise to encourage everyone to think carefully before they share into with strangers who could potentially follow you home, bug clothing, track phones, obtain email, attack bluetooth, log in with passwords,ask phone numbers or be invited back for drinks.

Sounds great, I will hopefully make this with my partner who has also just invested!

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Flight booked! See you soon :slight_smile:


As there is a wait list on over 300 people on this RSVP, would it be possible to change venue that hold a larger group?

I sell my place for 1000 :ada:


We have been blown away by the response to the first Meetup on the 24th January and so wanted to check in with you and outline our plans.

Firstly, we wanted to thank you for your interest and appreciate it is frustrating for those of you who are on the waiting list. We intentionally wanted a small event for the first Meetup, to make sure that we can speak with people attending and importantly gain feedback on what people want from future events.

The first Meetup is informal and there won’t be any in-depth presentations. The main focus of the first Meetup is for community members to meet one another, face to face and there will be a lot of opportunities for everyone to do this very soon…

The good news! We are already planning a much bigger event for February with a bigger capacity. Sign up to the Cardano meetup group to be the first to know about future Meetups.

We are very grateful for people offering help for venues and will be in touch if needed.

Thank you.


See you at the conference soon !

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