Inaugural London Cardano Meetup Review

Last week we held the first official Cardano meetup of 2018 in Shoreditch, London. We had an incredible response to the meetup and it was a pleasure to meet so many people from the global Cardano community.

We had team members from Cardano Foundation as well as IOHK and Emurgo who were visiting us from Japan.

Most of the community attendees were from London, but we also had people who had made a special trip… from the Bahamas, Japan, Italy, Poland, Russia and Belgium. Truly international representation! We are especially grateful to you making the time and effort to attend.

The intimate, first event allowed us to spend time talking to everyone and getting some valuable feedback. We were keen to understand what people wanted out of future meetups in 2018…

The overwhelming feedback was this:

  • People are interested in learning more about the technology and future applications
  • There is a demand for informal presentations mixed with drinks / chit chat and an opportunity to meet people face to face rather than online!
  • People are keen to hear more formal presentations from Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Emurgo
  • The community is varied in terms of knowledge base and specific interests

Going forward

We are focused on providing a valuable programme of meetups this year. We plan to:

  • Bringing you insightful and useful speakers
  • Bigger venues to accommodate the level of interest we have seen
  • The opportunity to socialise and meet people you connect with online and new members of the community
  • Providing a welcoming and positive environment to learn more about Cardano
  • Clearly communicate what the Meetup is about and importantly the type of content and who it is aimed at

The best way to keep up to date with the official Meetups is to register on the Meetup group which you can do so here:

We are also looking to hold more meetups in other countries soon. We are always keen to hear from you if this is something you would like to help with.

We hope to announce the February Meetup very soon, so don’t miss out, register on Meetup now

Best wishes, Tom


And Italy too :wink:


@CyberHek what a mistake, sorry for missing you out.

Viva l’Italia! :it:

I edited my post. :slight_smile:


Anyone live in NYC that want to do a meetup?


thanks man and i found it as soon as i made that comment lol

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Hi @tom.kelly I’m disappointed to have missed the inaugural London meetup! Do we have a date for the next one yet?