Cardano Chat & Drinks - February 2020, London

A chance to meet up once a month for a chat with other people in London who are interested in Cardano. This will be a very informal event, and whether you’re an expert or completely new to Cardano all are welcome!


Hey @robertcastelo!

Awesome! Have a great time over there guys!

More this type of things, world-wide! :slight_smile:

Cheers & Happy Staking!

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Thanks to everyone who came to this meetup, was a great evening.

Was planning to make this a monthly event, but due to Corona Virus going to put that plan on hold. Hopefully pandemic will be over soon and we can start regular meetups again in happier times!


Hi Robert,

How are you? Do you have any plans for creating an online meet up / get together in the near future?

I hope all is well.


No plans at the moment - if we can make an online meetup fun and interesting would be great to organise one. Any ideas? What would you want from a virtual meetup?


I’m very new here, so I don’t know what to expect apart from wanting to meet like-minded people and hear about their experiences and perspectives.

I can share an interactive and fun approach that we use at work, which may be good. We use Kahoot to create fun fast based quizzes, it’s used a lot in schools and in business.

Kahoot can be used for fun or action based learning, I guess could relate to the most asked questions at meet ups, general Cardano based facts. I’m unsure, but it shouldn’t be too technical so that it could be inclusive.

If you haven’t used it before, someone create all the questions and shares their screen so we can all see. Participants all receive a code which is entered into the Kahoot app (Apple/ Andriod), this to use our phones to select the right answers and play along.

I’m not sure if my explanation is any good, so take a look at the following video when you get a chance: YouTube Kahoot Video and the Kahoot Website

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Will this happen again?

Yes, been waiting for restrictions and lockdowns to stop - now just need to find a good pub that’s fairly central and doesn’t play music.

There are plenty. Here are a list of quiet bars and pubs in London: List of Quiet Pubs & Bars in London to Visit - The Montcalm Hotels

My suggestion 6) Knowhere Special, Kentish Town

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Hope someone plans something in the UK.