February London Meetup! (February 28th)

We’re excited to announce our February London meetup! It’s happening on Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 93 Feet East, Shoreditch. We look forward to an evening of Cardano community networking. :smiley:

RSVP here: http://ow.ly/qWIh30iiUZv


@NinjaPool_io, @DarfADA, you are looking for this :sunglasses:


Unfortunately I’m not in London till a week or two after the event :(. Anyone in the IOHK/Cardano team attending the Crypto Investor Show on Sat 10 March 2018 in London??

Hi @Satao you may be interested in this meet-up!
@maki.mukai see you there!

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Hi Bullishdong, thanks for keeping me posted on this. I’ll check works rota, hopefully I’ll be good to go

@Rohan See you there! :smiley:

Great night at the 2nd London Cardano Meetup, chatting with the community and hearing from Cardano Foundation. We look forward to the next one!

Join the official group for future events: http://ow.ly/M5iT30i0kFK

Thanks @cf_bruce @jonmoss @tom.kelly @maki.mukai


Any new information come out of it with the foundation there?

@Not_Anonymous This was a community meetup. CF provided a general overview of role, goals etc. and were careful not to share anything market moving!


Yeah, I figured that would be the case, but thought I should ask the question anyways. I really appreciate it though.