Hello from London!

Hi all, great to see so many people as passionate about Cardano as me! It would be great to get some of us together and organise a London meet-up soon.

I’m developing a Cardano ADA Staking Pool - NinjaPool. I’m excited to actively participate in Cardano’s vision and support the community!

Feel free to join our active and growing community to discuss Cardano, ADA, Staking, Daedalus and of course NinjaPool. We welcome news, opinions and questions - join the conversation! :slight_smile: Join our FB Group and follow us on Twitter to stay informed!


Also from London. :slight_smile:

Welcome, You must have missed the recent London meetup. Meetup Video London . I’m sure they will have others.


@MARTIN_SMITH @regsanman Thanks - I will definitely attend the next one!

Hey! I am based in Bournemouth area but would happily join London meet next time…also interested in pool.

There’s a meetup at the end of February if you’re interested…

Hi @CyberHek @Satao @regsanman @MARTIN_SMITH I’m excited to be attending the next London Meetup! Hope to see you there? Looking forward to discussing Cardano and networking with the community!

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would love to go, but not in country that week.

Can you give me some details on the meet

HI Satao,

You can find details on the meet up here:


The next one is on Weds 28th Feb.

Hope to meet everyone there.


Excellent. I will surely try and make it.