Meetup Video London

Hello fellow Cardanians.

I created a video of the first inaugural meetup in London. This was a personal project i wanted to do for myself and the for the community. I have stumbled into motion design quite recently and have since become obsessed with it, so i decided this would be a great learning experience :grinning:!

This project took me a lot longer than anticipated due to a severe RAM shortage on my MBP, i’m hoping to upgrade to 16GB ASAP to avoid the rendering hell i found myself in during crucial stages of the project.


I’m quite new to motion design and video editing in general, so don’t expect something pixel perfect. However i did learn a substantial amount and the whole thing has been an enlightening experience.

This vid is not official marketing for Cardano, the video is a representation of how it felt to attend the meetup from my personal perspective. I have however, used the trademarked logo, as there is no community logo available yet :sweat_smile:. Please don’t sue me @maki.mukai, @jonmoss, @tom.kelly, @cf_bruce :see_no_evil:.

Link: Cardano’s First Inaugural Meetup Video

I will take this opportunity to thank the team for organising this meetup, i am really looking forward to the next one. If you guys would like me to make more vids, feel free to like and comment.

I would also like to thank @rin9s and the rest of the guys for being super patient with me while i was finishing this project. I am now fully committed to finishing the new project with you guys!


Music by Retnik Beats: /


Hi @Bullishdong . Really great job on the video. I love the opening, it is creative and sets a mysterious mood. It is also good to get a taste of what the meetup was like. Looks like a fun venue as well. I have also fiddled with motion capture in the past and can agree that it is a lot of fun and the complexities can explode on you in no time. Your execution was good, I really like the way the logos/text revealed. I think Cardano should borrow the logo reveal…as payment for not suing you.

Who are the people wearing the Cardano Team t-shirts? Developers? Meetup staff?



Thank you for the kind words @regsanman! The people wearing cardano t-shirts are from the cardano foundation, @maki.mukai, @jonmoss and @tom.kelly were all there and in charge of the meetup itself. There were also people from emurgo wearing cardano t-shirts. You also notice Michael Parsons in the video a couple of times.

There were a vast diversity of people at the meeting, there were a couple of ethereum miners, some developers, small investors, huge investors, some people from Fitch (a rating agency) and ada fans. The longest distance travelled to attend was a nice girl from the Bahamas.

I’m glad you liked it, this was my first real after affects / premiere pro project :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m convinced my next attempt will be more ambitious as i feel like i have a solid understanding of the basics now.


Welcome back!
Thx for the contribution, now I can imagine what it was like to be there :]


Hi @Bullishdong I really like the video, please keep em coming!


Cool video indeed!

Definitely does justice to the ambiance and vibe of the meetup event. It’s nice to see it as a video, over just reading about it so I’m sure everyone in the community who couldn’t attend will appreciate this. Thanks @Bullishdong for taking the time to make this! :clap:


One word…FABULOUS!!! :star_struck:


Yeah I really liked the video and music, we’ll done! Would definitely like to see another if you go again. I wanted to go to this one, so hope to get to the next one


@Bullishdong Fantastic! Thanks so much for putting this together :pray: :sunglasses:

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@DarfADA Watch this space - the February meetup is going to be announced very soon! :slight_smile:

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i’m glad you like it Jon! :sunglasses:

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Great, look forward to that!

@Bullishdong I really enjoyed your video, and thank you for your time in doing this!
@jonmoss, @tom.kelly, @maki.mukai were all really welcoming and it was a pleasure to chat with them.


Thank you for your contribution, that is a very nice motion graphic video.

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Nice job @Bullishdong loved the tunes

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Thanks Bruce, I’m looking forward to meeting you the 28th :wink: