Greetings all, this is Steve coming from Manchester UK

It’s good to be here and it’s great to invest in The Cardano Project.


Welcome! It’s exciting times here in Cardanoland. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

Hi Steve, welcome and good to see you on here. I used to live in Ramsbottom :wink::+1:

Hi DarfADA, It’s a small world, my friend. :+1:
Doesn’t seem to have any meetups in the UK, may have to start one.


Good luck for your investment Steve.Welcome

Hello @steve_D Welcome to Cardano Forum!
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Welcome Steve!

Welcome on board :+1:

Hey welcome to the forum!
Hope to see you organize a meetup, Might be good to post your plans here
you might get some help on the matter, could end up having more interest than you plan for etc. the UK has a large community, good luck!

Yea, it seems to have died a bit in the UK. There were a few London ones a while back. Hopefully it will start moving again soon, there were issues with the foundation, which have been resolved now.

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