Hello from UK

Hello all, Glad to be a member of this forum. As many other forum members, I am excited about the long term potential of Cardano and the upcoming release of Shelley. Looking to stake a sizeable amount of my portfolio in Cardano and to be an active long term member of this project.


Hello and thanks for posting!

Definitely exciting times ahead.

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Welcome. Nice to have another UK member on board.

I think 5-10yr patience is the key to CARDANO ADA. Let all phases be released and active then should see some decent climb.

Namaste MancDave


Hello Canele, welcome to the Forum :+1:

Welcome @Canele :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. I was just accepted as a Cardano Ambassador - Content Creator today so I am new to this forum community. Cannot wait to be a part of the future!


Congratulations on that! I subscribe to your channel.


Thanks Donny! I appreciate the support. On the road to 10,000 subscribers!

Hello Everyone, I am also from the United Kingdom. Learning massive amounts all the time. Completely invested into Cardano and their vision. I am hoping I am able to do my part in some way.

I recently helped @Josh_Munday set up a Cardano UK channel on Telegram, and try to actively contribute in the officials channels as much as I can.

Congratulations and best wishes @The_Cryptoviser, I watch most your videos, you produce great content!

Great things to come :grin::+1:


Welcome @Lgbeano :wave: your contributions are always welcome :+1: :uk:

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Welcome to the Forum Canele, from another Brit :wink:

Thanks for posting and welcome! I am very much looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings!

Welcome my fellow Brit :):grin: