Greetings from The Toon


Hello fellow Cardanoians,
I’m Graeme a Geordie from Newcastle Upon Tyne (Toon). I am relatively new to the crypto game. I was initially drawn into crypto by XRP, which is my main token. However Cardano came onto my radar and after reading and watching videos, especially listening to founder and our leader Charles Hoskinson, I was well impressed.
I’m in for the long haul, I believe Cardano will be successful :rocket:and around for many years to come.
Cheers G


Welcome Graeme :pray:


Are you a part of the XRP Army? :smile:
In any case welcome to the forum! If your here for the long haul I expect to see you around :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome. Good decision :+1:


Yes H-p I am a member of the XRP, ADA, TRX, XLM, CVC and Toon Army :smiley:


welcome Graeme from across the border . WATP


Welcome to the Community and forum Graeme! Great having you on-board this great ship, nothing but good times from here on out.

All the best!


Hi Graeme!
Welcome to the Cardano Forum! Out of curiosity, what pieces of reading or videos got you hooked on Cardano? :wink:


Good question, I couldn’t with all honesty give you 1 specific video or 1 article I read, as I have spent hours, days & weeks looking at many cryptos . What has increased my belief in ADA has been listening to Charles H. I have been so impressed with his explanations of what he and the team have set out for the purpose, future & pace (all be it in longer term as apposed to rushing and finding problems) of Cardano. His previous experience’s count for so much but listening to the man, boy is he smart. I ain’t technically mined but I’m all in on CH and the team to prevail and will keep adding ADA as I think it is a great investment at a ridiculous low price (but don’t tell any one). As they say only time will tell but my gut feeling is we won’t loose out, patience is the key.


Welcome Graeme :slightly_smiling_face: