Perth Australia


Hello from Perth Australia,
I heard about Crypto from a work mate and no one could explain to me enough in detail
Except you can make money.
I researched as much as i could, it took a while before i could make an opinion on what is real or trustworthy to what isn’t.
About a month later i looked at Cardano and the first thing i saw was Charles Hoskinson whiteboard on Youtube.
For a beginner with little knoweledge of this technology that literally changed me and since then i feel i cant get enough information.
I have invested into this project because i believe in the vision and ability of that man Charles, if he and his colleagues succeed it will be absolutely life changing globally.
My opinion only and now it seems i know more than those who ignited my interest and i have recruited a few of my friends who once looked at me like id lost my mind and are as excited as myself.


Hello mate and welcome to the forum!


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Welcome @Lionsarm, I used to live there for some years, in Baldivis, it was a quite nice place, my family misses it.


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Glad to hear that Cardano is spreading.


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Best, Sean