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Hi, I’ve become interested in Cardano after watching some of Charles’ speeches on youtube. I have been living in Indonesia for the past year and have seen and experienced firsthand some of the problems that corruption can cause. I’m excited about the bigger picture for Blockchain technology and what it can do for us to help solve problems caused by corruption. So I’m a Cardano fan, and am keen to see Cardano and it’s ambitious tech projects succeed to become a dominant platform in the blockchain space because of the values and goals that Charles promotes.


Welcome to the community @_Carl !

Welcome on the board and fasten your seat belt.:slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: hi there :slight_smile:

Hi @_Carl and welcome to the forum

@_Carl…Welcome !

Welcome!!! And hello!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for a warm welcome! Did you see Charles’ latest interviews? I thought they were very good for nutshelling just about everything I wanted to know…


Welcome @_Carl! I agree on the videos, they were a pleasure to watch :slight_smile:

welcome @_Carl

Hallo Carl saya di Indonesia juga…yes please bring cardano to my country.introduce to all bank n government

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Hello and welcome!

That interviewer is either lying or a huge baboon… 8:10-8:48… Nonsense on a high level… What is the even saying… Everyone who listened to that just lost IQ points… You literally see Charles brain shutting down on tape trying to comprehend what was just said…

Charles says…“OK”…and moves on…:thinking::rofl:

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This is the type of non-tech guy who hired a bunch of miners in Africa to mine adamite, thinking he is involved. There are still many people out there who Thinks Bitcoin is a real physical coin…

Who knows what he was on about… Sounds more he was just trying to impress Charles with having been involved early on, I doubt he even owns one single ADA.