Hello from Texas!


Hi friends,
A friend introduced me to the Cardano whiteboard video and I started researching this. I’m very interested in the technology and happy to be on board. Like many others, I’m really interested in doing what I can to help the project succeed through helping with the PoS process. I wish I could do more, but I’m not rich, and i’m not a computer expert. I’m buying what I can in ADA. :slight_smile: I definitely hope the the developers consider ways that us “little guys” can help support the system even if we do have many thousands of ADA moving forward. :slight_smile:


Welcome! @mbirame to another Texan. Maybe one thing that you can do for the ecosystem is to talk about it to people and in social media. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome, @mintymac! For sure, I am always talking to my friends that are actually interested in the technology (and not just trying to get rich quick), as Cardano has the most solid technical foundation of any of the coins that I have really researched. Long live Cardano!


Hi @mbirame and welcome to the forum