Hi from Utah!


Hey new friends, I’m Brittany from Utah. I have worked in tech support and dabbled in programming. My husband @Haskell-plus is a long time crypto fan and has introduced me to Cardano. My goal is to learn Haskell and work on the development end. I am very excited about a decentralized future!


Welcome to the forum! :wink:


Welcome! It’s great that you both believe in it.

I’ve been trying to get my wife excited about cryptocurrency, but whenever I mention it her eyes glaze over. I’m hoping to open her eyes to its potential soon.

Hope to see you guys create some cool stuff for Cardano!


Hi @brittanneica great to have you in the community


Hi @brittanneica! :slight_smile:
Welcome to Cardano Community


@CryptoGambler haha! Hang in there :wink: my eyes glazed over for 6 years and then something finally clicked! It helps that I’m already a nerd lol. If you get her to sign up, send her my way and we can be friends :slight_smile:


@Doskad thank you! :slight_smile:


@Chris28 thank you! :slight_smile:


Pleasure to meet you @brittanneica!


Thank you @Bullish :slight_smile:


Nice to see more people from Utah represent!


Hi Brittney,

I am in Salt Lake City, welcome to the community. Go Jazz, It’s playoff time.


Welcome to the forum


Thank you @tdhunt63 ! You’d think there’d be more with all the tech companies here!


Thank you @Rstock, go Jazz!


Thank you @Curtis_Cox :slight_smile:


@brittanneica, welcome to the forum !!..you will find a great group of Cardano enthusiasts here !


Welcome @brittanneica! :smiley: Happy to see you’ve been recruited by @Haskell-plus to join our community :heart:


Welcome to the group.