Hello from Texas

I am a new ADA coin holder, recently started looking into this cryptocurrency stuff, ADA is the one that stood out. One of the reasons is that it is partnering/ investing in Africa, aside from my juvenile understanding of the actual technology improvement, this forward thinking investment seems very wise. I’m wondering if there is any way to interact with this side of the enterprise? I used to live in Africa and am planning on moving back in the next few years. Anyone know anything?

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What do you mean with this? Can you explain?

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Like if Cardona is actively pursuing partnerships throughout the rest of the continent, who they have acting on their behalf, these types of questions. Thank you for your response.

Hi, @Vikara77. Welcome to join here.

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Hi @Vikara77 !!

I am now in Houston, Texas too! Decided to check in. I have so much built up confidence in Cardano. Since 2017! Can’t wait to see where this company takes us.

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