Hi everyone from Morocco

Hello to every ADA fan right there and beyond.

I’m Mohamed from Morocco and I believe strongly that CARDANO will shine in a near future.
I’m an electrical engineer so quite far from crypto. However if someone would like to share or work on a project including ADA and energy, I would be happy to think about it.
Some of ADA and energy production goals are pretty similar : decentralization, scalability and efficiency.

Take care.


Welcome to the forum, @Mohamed_Alami! Good to have you here.

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Thank you ADA_Fan. You really deserve your pseudo. Cheers

Hello Mohamed! Your belief is my belief too :slight_smile: Welcome to the Cardano forum and happy you are part of this fine community!
All the best!

p.s. Morocco is on my travel destination list. Hoping one day you can show me around :slight_smile:

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Hello Mohamed

Great to see you on here, welcome :+1:

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Welcome @Mohamed_Alami, great to have you!

Best, Sean

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Hello friend, You are welcome. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything about this country for better experience.

Welcome @Mohamed_Alami, Merhaba
Welcome to the forum

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Welcome @Mohamed_Alami It’s nice to see you here!"

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