Hello from Marrakesh Morocco :)

So, I am Simo! a crypto enthusiast

Looking forward to seeing this awesome project grow to become the best smart contact ecosystem project ever.
I’m mainly a longterm investor still adding ADA to my YOROI & Daedalus wallets with interest in using my ADA for the stacking pools.

Best regards from Marrakesh Morocco!
Yes, it’s sunny here ;)!!


Hi @simobnr Simo! :smiley:
Welcome to the Cardano Forum.

Jealous of your sun! It’s at least not raining in London today :sweat_smile:

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thank you very much keep up good work :blush:

Welcome to the forum Simo!

Good to have you here.

Many thanks

have a great day :slight_smile:

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Salam men Agadir
Welcome to the forum, enjoy :wink:


Chokran khoya, ta7ya l nass​:clap::clap: agadir

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Hello Simo, welcome to the Forum, it’s good to see you on here :+1:

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Thank you bro !