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Hi Everyone

I’m glad to be part of the the Cardano Forum Community. I myself hold ADA and think that the project is beyond greatness. The efforts made by Charles Hoskinson and his team deserves to be applause. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I have started a small social media group on Facebook for Cardano fans and Ada holders. I’m glad Charles and his team are negotiating partnerships with African countries. We in Africa need blockchain adoption thè most. Africa has been lagging in social development and in its transformation of its economies. Corruption is a plague in africa, Cardano’s project definitely resonates core values in philanthropy.That can be measured to how much of an influential footprint it already has been made.

Kind Regards
Lance Thomas


Hi @Lance_Thomas. Great to have on board!


Welcome Lance! Thanks very much for posting. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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@Ghost @Donnybaseball you both are right: although the original post is already four months old, it is never too late to welcome new members. :grinning:

Welcome @Lance_Thomas, good to have you :wave: