New member from Zimbabwe but in China

I am new here and I am excited about this project, currently studying my Masters in Business Analytics at the University of Nottingham in China. I love traveling, skateboarding, and football. I have been in China for the past 3years.


Welcome @MatiengaUlysses to the community great to have you here.

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Welcome @MatiengaUlysses :blush:

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Thank you for posting! I’m very excited to see the new people and look forward to hearing more from you.


welcome to the community fellow african brother @MatiengaUlysses!

glad to hear from you, representing zimbabwe :zimbabwe: from china.

i’m curious, how did you discover cardano? and what are your thoughts on crypto and africa from a business analytics perspective moving into the future?

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I was doing a module on cryptocurrency and cloud computing last semester and that’s how I got hooked and introduced to the world of tokenization. So I have been on it since, as for crypto in Africa we still have a long way to go because two thirds of P2P exchanging is happening in Nigeria and I think followed by South Africa. However looking into the future Africa is going to be the next Asia, so adoption is going to be easy. There is a lot of potential in the motherland but our leaders fail us everyday.

Anyway I am excited for :blush: ADA!!


i’m actually quite genuinely surprised that education institutions have anything from this decade, let alone something quite advanced.

mustn’t forget mpesa in kenya :kenya:, quite ahead of the game.


super excited about the potential!

with the permissionless nature of the technological design, i hope and anticipate that this will not be an issue.

you and me both brother, you and me both! :raising_hand_man:t5::raised_hands:t5:

Asia moves fast on these things, and they are always up to date . Zimbabwe copied the Mpesa blueprint and its extremely doing well, its called Ecocash. Mobile Payments in China, you do everything on one App be it Wechat or Alipay. :upside_down_face: