Cardano for Africa

Hi, I’m Kilimo from Nairobi, Kenya.


Hi Semakitu, welcome to the forum, good to see you on here

Hi, Kilimo, Welcome.

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Welcome @semakitu! Out of curiously how did you find out about Cardano ?

Hi Tom, a friend introduced me to Bitcoin and I began doing my research. I became fascinated by the potential of block chain technology. I’m from Kenya, Africa and you can imagine the impact it could have in this part of the world. I stumbled upon Cardano on YouTube and watched Charles Hoskinson. Especially loved the talk he gave at the London School of Economics. I love the Cardano approach. I believe it has the potential to transform not just Africa but the world.


Fantastic and great to have you here!

I am also really excited by the potential Cardano in Africa.

I love the story of M-Pesa. Is it correct that in 2012 there were about 17 million M-Pesa accounts in Kenya?

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M-Pesa was/is a true success story. Can’t confirm the figures but the 17 million M-Pesa accounts in 2012 looks plausible. Although as you’d expect some people have multiple/dormant M-Pesa Accounts. Huge potential for ADA/Cardano early adoption. Not forgetting we receive huge Diaspora remittances.

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Hello bro from another part of Africa and welcome here… Feel at home!

Asante sana! Which means thank you very much in Swahili.

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yea, while it’s been proof of concept / need through the crazy adoption - let’s not forget it has centralised corporate (euro-based) owners!

now cardano on the other hand, not only does it not suffer this centralised cancerous… it’s technology is far superior from a security and scalability standpoint not even touching on the network effects of which it shall the beneficiary…

mbele pamoja ndugu!
(forward together brother!)