Cardano’s Strategy in Africa - the path to success

Hello) As a South-African Cypriot and an economist with specialization in economic development I am really excited with the EMURGO’s plan to transform Africa in the global leader of digital economy.

The revolution brought by Cardano’s blockchain technology is indisputable. Africa’s economy is still in the earliest stage of economic development and we all know that is ready to take off.

Cardano can help the continent to avoid all the mistakes of the accelerated industrialization of western nations safe-guarding the dignity and prosperity of its people. Cardano’s blockchain with its smart contracts can shield democracy and transparency from corruption, mismanagement, racism, and abuse of authority.

It is the first time that an international organization approaches the continent with respect and authentic spirit of cooperation.

Nevertheless, we should avoid the error of “centralization” in favor of short-term gains. I am confident, that in the nearest future an African country will adopt ADA , as El Salvador did with BTC. In my opinion, this unilateral action in the middle term will have negative effects in the decentralized structure of Cardano. Cardano should remain firmly unaffiliated to any independent country and safeguard its “decentralized” nature.

We shouldn’t prevail any country to do this, but we should aim for a common announcement of adoption of a group of African countries and organizations.

EMURGO should focus its attention on intergovernmental organizations (e.g. African Union, SMART Africa, CoopAfrica etc), pan-African corporate associations (e.g.PACCI) and NGOs (e.g. Pan african women’s organization etc.). EMURGO already established an excellent relationship with SMART Africa.

Multilateral actions will safeguard Cardano’s decentralization.

Personally, I am dedicated to pitch Cardano’s Strategy to Africa, to the President for International Chromium Development Association, who is a family friend, and I am ready to cooperate with EMURGO in any of its actions.