G'day from Australia!


My name is HK, I’m 25 and from Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been following Cardano for about a month now and it is the first crypto I’ve ever invested in.

I see some great potential and it seems most people aren’t interested yet because most traders seem to be in this solely for the short-term gains.

Their loss!

I’m very excited to follow the progress of Cardano and very much enjoy the whiteboard videos and all other informational text and video content surrounding the project :slight_smile:

Watching Charles’ engaging and passionate talks is really what has made me believe so much in this project. I’m looking forward to the future of the coin and my… does it look bright.

Very nice to meet you all!


Welcome and hello @HK-Crypto ! :slight_smile:

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Hello all im patrick from perth Australia, excited about this new project.

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Welcome @Bigpato82 Patrick! :smiley:

G’day mate (HK)
I am interested too in cardano (ADA). How can I buy it in AUD?
Cheers & merry Xmas to you from Melbourne.

I agree
I liked ETH but when I started reading about Cardano ADA I felt I had a Great opportunity to buy in at 0.28 and 0.9. Wish I would have bought more at those prices

good point @HK-Crypto Long term is key…I think the future looks amazing…I’m so excited too

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