Cardano Long Hold


Just an average guy.63 years old single father with a four year old son.My interest in Cardano started last year.l had some at around 46 cents AUD but l sold nearly my entire portfolio on warnings of the downturn. Only kept 65k dent for around $2200 now worth $75 LOL.Swore off crypto but still could not stop thinking about Cardano, it seemed so legit,trustworthy positive and potentially lucrative for my child.So today l bought some for starters to be kept long long term for my son’s future. Good luck to everyone involved!


I have a similar amount. Where in Australia are you? I’m in WA. Cheers


I appreciate the sentiments, but it’s not generally a good idea to advertise how much crypto you have.


Welcome @Noddyholmes Ewen - as @RobJF said, worth editing your post to remove the value.

Also, a very warm welcome! :slight_smile:


@Noddyholmes I agree with the replies above, it is not a good idea to post how much ada you have, for your sons future sake. better to err on the side of caution.


Hello! Welcome to Cardano Forum and Community! All the best, and wish you too nothing but success for you and your sons future :slight_smile:


Thanks glad to have you here! Watch out for the drop bears!


Thanks a lot Fred,l am not going to look at my account for a few years.l make very stupid decisions when l am watching the action. LOL.Good luck for your investment.




Wow,thanks a lot Ashley, l never get such a nice email,l am quite emotional

All the best for your investment too.




Ok Jon thanks a lot ,l didn’t know.




Thanks Robin,l didn’t know.




Thanks a lot guys,l didn’t think of that,you are right.


Thanks a lot