Hi from Melbourne, Australia

Got interested in crypto again during a break between contracts. Cardano stood out amongst the top projects as the one that is most truly engineered and built to last. I got inspired and bought a significant (for me) chunk of ADA. Excellent way to lose 30% of my money so far :smiley: But I didn’t invest what I couldn’t afford to lose.

It seems some of my skill-set could useful for the community, so I may set up a stake-pool and run a node to help the project gain momentum further.

The Cardano community in Australia seems to be fairly thinly spread at the moment. I hope to see the post volume and membership at telegram’s “Cardano Australia” group grow significantly in the year ahead.


Welcome to the forum, if you set up a pool let us know, I wish you the best!

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G’day from Brisbane Greg. Welcome.

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Afraid so, I’m in Perth.


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I’m in Bunbury WA, couple of hours south of Perth. Not anyone special, but a 2 year Hodl.


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Not too far to travel for the next Perth Meetup.

If we ever get the numbers to run one :smile:

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Thanks for the reply. Wish there were more of us.

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Welcome to the forum @gRebel :cardano::wave:

Welcome onboard gRebel. Melbourne is a nice city. I used to stay in Sydney for over two years. Looking forward to visiting Melbourne in future.

Welcome aboard! Don’t worry, you didn’t loose if you didn’t sell for less. It is very hard to buy the bottom and sell the top. Just hold on for a year or two, we have a hack of a ride ahead. You will be able to stake soon and get some return. Cheers to Australia :grinning:

gRebel, Elurevad, OddPod:

Greetings from Chicago, USA

You are the sand grit at the core of what I’m sure will become a pearl.

Welcome @gRebel

Thanks FrankR
I’ll take sand grit as a compliment!

Hi I’m new here. I’m frequent flier between Melbourne and Shanghai. Like you I also discounted 30% more investment on ADA, but I firmly believe Cardano will have extensive application on businesses. Will keep eye on your stake pool. Good luck!

I am in Perth.

Thanks! That’s exactly my plan (hold and use for the next 2 years). If it doesn’t work out, at least I have contributed to a worthy cause.

I love the analogy!

I like being an irritant that turns out to be precious. I’m going to own my sand grit!

Late spring is the time to come, the plants and people come out to bloom. :wink:

Glad you’re all taking it in the intended spirit.

Hey @Alndex

When Meetup?