Hello from Sydney, Australia

Hi All,

I’m a network engineer from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been hodling ADA since late 2017. Only a one or two cent rise in the price of ADA and I’ll be out of the red. Heh. I’m hoping to contribute in some way - maybe run a stake pool, although I’m not convinced I have the time and motivation. Perhaps a better idea would be to join with some like minded folk, pool our pledges together and run it collectively… I’m open to any ideas…

Thanks for listening…


Hello Greenjoy,
Welcome, I hope you will be happy to spend some time in this community :slight_smile:

Hi!!! I’m new here, but I am glad to see you


Welcome back! Lots of renewed interest and new people lately. This is great to see!

G’day from Brisvegas Greenjoy! Welcome.