G'day from Oz


I’ve been a longtime holder of Cardano - excited for the new Shelley release, and going to be looking for some help on the Ledger integration with Yoroi.



Welcome home mate @WizardofAus! Where about in OZ are you from?

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Brizvegas :smiley:



GIdday Wizard, also from Brissy here! Pity there isn’t anywhere here we can meetup can grab a drink via ADA and talk about our prosperous Cardano future. Haha.

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Haha - but there is :smile:
Join the Cardano Australia telegram group for the next meetup. Justin will announce the schedule for the next one shortly. Either at Brisbane Square library if we’re going through stuff, or at Brew if we’re drinking, paying with crypto, and talking shite!
Hope to see you at the next one.


Welcome to the Forum :+1:

Awesome haha, I’m from Bordeaux, but love Noosa and QLD. Glad to welcome you here!

Hello! Super exicted for Shelley as well. Glad to see another Hodler join the forum, so warm welcome and all the best! :slight_smile: