Melbourne Australia?


Hi, I am keen to know if there are any other Cardano Forum members in Melbourne Australia that might be interested in a meetup group? There doesn’t seem to be many other Australians here! With such an amazing project I am very surprised there is not a bigger Cardano community supporting Cardano which has such a strong presence in South East Asia. I am more than happy to help organize a Melbourne group if there are other interested members here? Regards Jim


I’m on the Gold Coast, but if a major event was planned I’d be keen to travel down.


You could try forming a group with these guys.

Cardano Australia
This group is for all things related to ADA Cardano. It’s Australian focused but we are open to anyone from anywhere that is interested in the discussion.


Hey Jim I’m keen


@jimrobins Hey Jim! There are couple of meetup groups:

I’d reach out to them and say hello :slight_smile:


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the message, the Melbourne Meetup doesn’t appear to exist when I try to join the group unfortunately?

I am unable to find any further info on the group either?

Cheers Jim


Hello fellow Aussie’s,
Thankyou to Atlas and Sally for your replies. There seems to be quite a bit going on in the Cardano community at the moment with regard to the leadership at the Cardano Foundation.
I have to admit I am really surprised by the lack of people in Australia that are following this great project.
I have tried to follow a couple of links to groups and or social media pages that lead nowhere or have not been updated for some time!
I am trying to gather as much information as I can regarding support for Cardano here in Australia and to be honest there doesn’t seem to be much or many of us here?
Please let me know on this thread if there is enough interest in holding a gathering possibly in Melbourne of like minded people that support Cardano.
Again I am happy to organise a meetup if there is enough people interested?
Cheers Jim


Hi Jim,
I’m located in Reservoir, Vic which is north of the city. But I’m happy to travel for a Cardano meet up.

With what’s happening with the Cardano Foundation, I think now is a better time than ever to come together as a community.

Count me in.