Perth Australia Crypto community meet up

Hi everyone,
We are organising a meet up at the Perth convention centre for crypto enthusiasts.
We would like to have someone from Cardano foundation to speak to us via Zoom call at the meeting. Please contact me if anyone from Cardano foundation would be willing to speak to our young growing crypto community. It would be very much appreciated.

Everyone from perth is welcome to join. DM me for details.

I would be interested in attending.

We had a Cardano Perth Meetup prior to COVID organised by @matthijs.aeon, so there are a few of us in Perth.

Are you looking for other presenters?

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Yes we need someone to talk about Cardano. I will DM you. Thanks

Before you DM me, I might not be the best person to talk about Cardano as a project. @matthijs.aeon is an Ambassador so may be a better option if you can’t get the Cardano Foundation to join remotely.

I was offering to present for my own project, Empowa, which will be built on Cardano.

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That’s great to hear, Maybe you can talk about your project as well. I will contact @matthijs.aeon

FYI: We are planning on creating a Dex on Cardano too :slight_smile:
So it would be great to meet up with like minded people. Thanks mate.


Once you have more details about the date and whether you would like me to present our Empowa project, them let me know. :smile:

We got a meet up group to get together 6pm every Tuesday at 150 St Georges Terrace. ( Grand Bar & Bistro ). Maybe you can come for next week.

sounds good, is there a Meetup link you can post?

I do not have any links at the moment. But once you arrive, you can talk to the barman and say Mirz invited me for Crypto meet up. And they will introduce you to the rest of the team. I will be there.

No worries, will see how I go next week.

So is it just a general Cryptocurrency Meetup, not a Cardano specific one?

Great. We will see you next week.

Please contact via email:
To get invite for the crypto meet up at Perth Convention centre.

It will be held on July 24th at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Our aim is to have 1000+ attendees with the capacity of the venue being 2500.

The theme of the event is a high level over view of the crypto world. We aim to present a broad range of topics to help newcomers and experienced people alike.

We have a few local projects speaking at the event and Tezos will also be giving a presentation as well.

We see this as a good opportunity for Cardano to introduce themselves to new comers and explain what makes them different.

Hi @Blkfyre

I have emailed to the address provided, but haven’t heard back yet.

Will you have a website to promote this event? Do we need to buy tickets?



I see. I will contact James and also you can ask him as well. Since you are going to meet up group tomorrow. Thanks

Thanks @Blkfyre

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend today. I am interested to know whether this group is registered on Meetup. Could you please confirm and if so provide the URL?

Also, could you please provide the URL for the event happening at the Perth Convention Centre?

Hi @Blkfyre

Just following up on this, as I haven’t heard back regarding the regular meetups (whether it is listed on the Meetup app) or the event at the Perth Convention Centre.

Is it still happening and if so is there a website that has information about different sessions? I usually like to plan in advance these kinds of events. It would also be good to refer others I know who may be interested to the website.