Connecting the Dots

Hello fellow Cardanians! (Is this proper term to call ourselves?).

I am pretty new on this community as I just started my journey last month. I just want to share how started as I am getting more amazed as learned new stuff about Cardano, Daedalus, Yoroi, and other technologies.

So here’s my story…

I am a support engineer, taking up calls, assisting people over the phone and doing remote sessions. One night, my colleague who is scheduled to take the remote session with a customer - who is based in Middle East went out for break. Customer called up our hotline and asking the engineer to join the scheduled session but instead of asking the customer to wait for my colleague, I immediately joined the session and have his issue resolved.

So how did I learned about Cardano?

I learned that some banks in Middle East are migrating to Ripple. Searched Ripple in Google and Facebook, and aha… I found my long time friend who is active in trading. This friend of mine taught me how to invest and trade in Bitrue and StormGain. This was the first week of November, at that time… I am not really serious about it because I am into stock trading, not in crypto trading.

After a week, the cryptos went bull run. I got sad because I was not able to put enough money on my desired priced, that time, XRP was just 0.12. It went higher day by day…

Did a quick search in Google about “Bitrue XRP” and I found an article about the hacking incident in Bitrue - So that was it… I bought my first ADA after learning that hackers are interested with this crypto, maybe these malicious actors saw the potential of this coin.

I am spending my free time watching videos from Cardano Foundation, joining forums and FB groups. I wanted to be part of this ecosystem for long-term. I wanted to share to my friends and communities how the system works. I hope someday, as I back read this post 10, 20, 30, or 50 years after… I will say I am so glad I took up that call.

How about yours???


Resilience, thank you for sharing your story and I am new to the community too. What exactly made you switch from XRP to ADA exactly? How did that hacking news about Bitrue impact your decision process? I am curious. Is there something about the platform that intrigues you the most?

My story: Mined BTC over a decade ago - lost computer and lost interest. In 2016-2017, became interested in crypto again. Dabbled with crypto that was offering - but nothing substantial. I did get introduced into a crypto project (privacy coin) last year, but after reading threads and posts - I noticed a lot of infighting between miners and developers - so I stopped any association with them.

Heard about ADA months ago but did not really look into it until the listing. After doing research on the technology, computer languages, and processes - ADA seems to have a solid foundation that could ensure it will still be around in 15+ years. And, the ADA community seems very welcoming and mission driven.

Charles Hoskinson (Cardano founder, Ethereum co-founder) seems very intelligent and passionate. It resonated with me when he mentioned the “intellectual dishonesty” occurring in the crypto space, i.e., Ethereum community distracting from scaling, power usage, and ease of development with their platform.

I feel confident with Cardano because they seem to focus on the fundamentals of systems and processes. Building something to last. The wheels of (fill in blank) turn slowly, but consistent.

What makes you feel confident with Cardano?

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