How did you get in the Cardano?

I firmly believe that Cardanians are an abnormal tribe in the realm of cryptos.
We are like virtuous warriors craving to realize the flawless “DeFi utopia”.
We are intoxicated with our Roadmap and the inevitable domination of the invincible blockchain technology of Cardano.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to remember how all these started.

Personally, I remember my first experience with Cardano in December 2017.
I was so stressed with the increasing public debt and the inevitable collapse of the markets, that I wanted urgently to diversify my portfolio. Cryptos were the only asset that I didn’t possess. I bought 1/2 bitcoin since then I didn’t even know the discussion about PoW and PoS existed.

My best friend was so aggressively biased in favor of Cardano that I was literally forced to invest in it 2 days after I invested in Bitcoin. At the time I thought that my money were totally wasted. But when I started reading more about it everything changed!

And then my trip started … Now I possess only Cardano (no any other crypto) and I spend endless hours reading about it.

How did your story in Cardano start and why you are still here?


When exactly did you get in?

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I got interested in cryptocurrency after bitcoin peaked. Unfortunately, all I heard was that all of the new cryptocurrencies were scams. Some of them were so I didn’t check them out. I was fooled by the fact that most of them had peaked from zero essentially and then back to $0.0… whatever. It didn’t look promising. Then, somehow, I started to research bitcoin which was down to $3400 but I didnt buy because of the money I had to spend on a different project which went well. About a year ago, I got interested again and started to research about 10 blockchains. Cardano was very promising. I bought a ledger wallet before I bought Ada and I would recommend other people to do the same, i.e. do your homework and get a real wallet before you buy any cryptocurrency. I got very surprised after I bought an apple tv to do research when I noticed these giveaway scams. I immediately knew they were scams and I report them. They are like nigeria email scams, I can’t understand how people can fall for them on a daily basis.

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I saw someone drive around with a license plate that said Cardacity NFTs. My curiosity got the best of me and I googled it. Thus began my understanding about NFTs and Cardano. I am learning a little bit each day.

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I invested in Cardano first time on 9th of December. You?

Personally I never participated in any kind of giveaways)

@Metajaskar I am also interested in CNFT, for this reason I became part of a team that creates one.

Since april… and disappointed


after i saw first white board of charles explaining i thought i buy this as my second crypto investment after i bought a bunch of btc 2012/13 period @ 90$.went allin with money i had left and kept buying also at bear times with blood in the streets never sold ada&btc i am a hodler for live❤ ada lovelace❤

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Probably around July. That’s when Cardacity had the drops of their limited edition cards going on. I then used the ADA to buy from secondary market of

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Of course, I heard about Bitcoin back in the early 2010s. I did not get into it; on the one hand, because I thought it was too much of a Ponzi scheme, I still think it is, but it lasts surprisingly long and could have gotten some nice profits even for the ones in the middle of the pyramid; on the other hand, because I did not like the right-wing, libertarian, anti-state, anarcho-capitalist foundation of the whole thing, and I still don’t like it.

Doing cryptos to evade some imagined dictatorship of (central) banks; to avoid taxes, which are necessary to build strong societies; because of some conspiracy theories about fiat money creation; still is despicable to me.

Fast forward to 2021: The counter-arguments to Bitcoin have got an addition in recent years: the unprecedented ecological cost of the whole proof-of-work thing. Even if they would use renewables for it (which they to a large percentage do not), it still would take away that energy from uses that are more beneficial.

So, when deciding to do some investments in addition to the national pension insurance, I had a look at the proof-of-stake chains and chose to put a rather small amount into Cardano in June 2021. The rest is still in ETFs and some stocks and I won’t change that for the foreseeable future.

My bubble still is very critical of cryptocurrencies and they have very good reasons to be. The money-laundering, tax-evasion, energy-burning all are still there and, new in 2020/2021, the NFT hype is riddled with misconceptions of what you really own there, providing countless opportunities to make fun of cryptobros complaining about “right-clickers”, losing their precious ugly apes to scammers,… And this hype still takes place predominantly on a world-burning proof-of-work chain (Ethereum).

On the other hand, there is this fascinating technology and this very nice community, where it really seems to be very common to think about, what good the technology could do to the world, where you can raise suspicion on hypes and only get very good discussions about it.

On the other other hand, this is all still in its infancy (even after a decade).

People lose their coins to scams and hacks and the educational introductions are obviously so suboptimal that they somehow think that wallet app developers have access to it, when they complain loud enough, and we have to explain very basic stuff in very stressful situations, when it’s too late, anyway.

Blockchain solutions are still oversold for a thousand use cases, where they have next to no benefit – from digital identities to education credentials to health records.

And somewhere in the back, people complain about the current ADA exchange rate, the slowness of a full node, the inadequacy of a hyped decentralised exchange, or other quite irrelevant stuff.

I hope this will all be consolidated at some point, but it will definitely take a lot of work until then.

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I was underwater for years. Keep learning and contributing. Lots of opportunities.


not so many years… it started in 2017.You could go in very low…

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Except I started buying when it was very high.

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that doesn’t add up… years ago was cents…

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And yes it went down to under 10 cents and stayed there until 2021. (Edit): My bad looks like it got over .10 in Nov 2020. (Edit #2) I think the larger point is even though the price had fallen through the floor and stayed there I continued to learn and do research into crypto, blockchain, and Cardano. Over that time I became more resolute that there was something special about this project and that the low price represented a buying opportunity. I’ve also made a ton of friends and came to realize that all this is about much more than the price of Ada vs USD. (Edit #3) None of that is financial advice! (Edit #4) To answer the initial question this was the video that got me interested in Cardano: Cardano Coin (ADA) - Could This Really Be The Ethereum Killer? - YouTube

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I invested in Cardano for the past two years and for the last year I am working on NFT projects


Hm, the price should resemble the value of the projects quality and please don’t say I should come back in 2025 or buy shitty coins or pump and dump… im not here to make quick bucks but want to see stability. Other coins that do similar things are way more valued…Now all this new things came to light and the price since beginning of September is still going down.

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7th consecutive monthly red candle…

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