New to investing in crypto

Basically, my wife and I are starting at ground level in crypto investing.

It was ‘fun’ to successfully buy ADA on Crypto dot com, yesterday, and now we are ready to learn more … all we need to know to be successful players. Help is always appreciated, and when possible I will give back to the community.

My main interest in CARDANO is in its potential as a platform in the evolution of humanity and for the new earth.


Welcome to the community, both of you!

I hope your entry into this relatively new market serves you well and I hope you enjoy participating in whatever changes in the world Cardano brings.

Luckily for you you have your wife on-board with you, most guys I have talked to have difficulty getting their wife involved, looking forward to seeing you around the forum and other channels where we socialize as the #Cardanocommunity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, Haskell-plus, for that warm welcome. Yes, I am grateful that my wife is equally interested with me in CARDANO. In fact, she first brought up interest in investing in cryptocurrency months ago, when we were in Germany, her home country. Now back in California, I suddenly had an urge to learn more. She found is the one between us who found CARDANO (auto-correct does the caps.)

Look forward to seeing you around!

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Because you believe in the project (like me and many others here), unlike the short-term traders, the main thing by far is just to buy and hold. You’ll pick up everything else gradually over time. Hanging out in here is a great way to start! :grinning:


We do indeed believe in the project, and see ourselves as longer term investors. We are not big-time investors, so I don’t want to give that impression, but I trust our initial $500 seed will grow.

At the same time, although any supplement to our income is always appreciated, and we joke with each other about becoming millionaires, profiting financially from CARDANO is not our first or primary motivation.

It may sound strange, but we, I especially, see a metaphoric parallel between the CARDANO concepts of free flow of information, and the way of understanding love as the free flow of energy.

I am always up for more conversation along these lines! And, if it is too far out for readers here, I understand.

See you around, and thanks for the kind words.

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Welcome to you both!

As you learn about Cardano, you will hopefully come across some great people, the community is spread over many social platforms, with many friendly members.

I wish you luck on this adventure and as you have already seen, there are many people to help assist and guide.

I feel it a shame, but important as we are on an online environment, to make you aware of some fundamental safety information. Which will hopefully help you focus on what you’re here for and easily move away from scam.

  • Your seed words to your wallet is the most valuable thing you own. Anyone who knows these words have unconditional control over your assets. If they are lost or someone else discovers it, you are likely to lose your assets.

  • Please never put these seed words into anything, apart from a trusted wallet when you intent to restore the funds.

  • Telegram (but not limited to) is a very active platform for the Cardano community, however there are accounts that impersonate officials and make contact privately to scam individuals. ignore /block or delete personal messages, especially if they are from official looking accounts, no one legit will contact you privately.

  • There are no giveaways - there are malicious websites out there which look similar to official sites. Please don’t ever send your ada anywhere based on a promise to receive more back. Always make sure you go to official websites when downloading a wallet. Double check the site and good practice is to type it in yourself, not click links.

There are so many help articles within the forum for most your questions as you discover.

For safety and scam awareness , this is the latest one I wrote. Hopefully you can have a quick read, then move on and put your focus else where with a bit of peace of mind.

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Yes, my girlfriend don’t like crypto at all (AT ALL). But i hope she will like it when we go to the moon with it…


Thank you for the welcome, and the sound advice. Before reading it, this morning I said to Kati it is time to test the transfer of ADA from our Crypto dot com wallet to Yoroi, which we’ve not done before.

When I read this from the guide, I have no clue as to what it is saying, ‘If you are an ada holder delegating your stake on the ITN you do not need to worry about these first two stages, they are for stake pool operators; I am mentioning them as it doesn’t hurt to have awareness.’

I do not understand stake or stake pool. In fact, most of the guide is Greek to me. Is there a glossary of terms somewhere?

Cryptocurrency is code, isn’t it? So it has no mass, no location. It is essentially a concept? Yet it has properties of a sort, and function.

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I didn’t mean to confuse you with the ‘dummies guide’- I know it is linked, but only take notice of the scam awareness article.

I wouldn’t worry too much about specifics just yet. It will get confusing. Although, if you haven’t seen Charles whiteboard video, I strongly recommend watching it.

Just ignore the time frames given. They underestimated the mammoth challenge this was going to be.


Messages came that one or more of my posts were deleted. I understand the issue is the link. That is a signature automatically entered when I hit reply. I will be sure to delete it before sending, from now on.


I also began here as a new crypto investor. ADA initially caught my eye because of it’s low cost, so I put in a small seed amount with a flippant “oh maybe it will be something someday” attitude.

As I learned more about the project, I quickly realized it wasn’t another Bitcoin/Ether wannabe but instead an applied material ideology on how the blockchain tech can be built to truly address both the problems of the previous aforementioned coins, societal issues, and the wants and needs of existing financial institutions. What particularly intrigues me about how this is being built is its ability to be more easily adaptable to change. I think as more legislation on crypto gets passed and as technology evolves it will be this adaptability that will let it outlive/outperform other implementations.

WIth my newfound knowledge and beliefs, my wife and I agreed to significantly up the investment and I became more personally involved, having just an hour ago gotten a node up and running against the testnet :partying_face:

Thanks for the welcome, Martial.

Seems congratulations are in order, since 'WIth my newfound knowledge and beliefs, my wife and I agreed to significantly up the investment and I became more personally involved, having just an hour ago gotten a node up and running against the testnet :partying_face:

At least, Kati and I congratulated ourselves when we successfully purchased our first ADA!

I read the rules here but don’t have them in my head… may I ask which exchange you use? That was our first challenge, finding one hitch lists ADA.

Our next challenges included getting validated on the exchange we chose, and then getting the fiat money into the crypto wallet. None of our credit or debit cards worked due to bank rules against purchasing crypto.

Our second ACH transfer is in process now, after being delayed requiring a call to my bank security.

Before crypto can become popular, I think the language has to be written in ways the ‘common’ person can understand. I might be able to bring something to that effort. Just wondering if this community sees value in making crypto investing more accessible.

I just finished watching the whiteboard presentation by Charles, recommended to me here. It all helps, yet leaves many open questions.

Glad to be part of this community.

BTW, what does it mean, ‘getting a node up and running against the testnet’?

Finding the right exchange was a challenge for me as well. I used Binance US. If you use ACH to transfer-in money, you can purchase with the fiat but then they place a 10 day hold before you can move anything off of the exchange, which was annoying but in the end fine.

Regarding getting a node up and running, it just means I successfully did some engineering and administrative work to help process blocks/transactions on the test network. This will have more meaning if you choose to further learn about the more advanced topics of what you can do with your ADA in a Daedalus wallet.

I saw it and approved your posts. Hopefully you sorted

Yes, no problem. Thanks.


You wrote, ‘choose to further learn about the more advanced topics of what you can do with your ADA in a Daedalus wallet.’

After 30 years of using DOS and Windows, last year I changed over to an iPad prior to traveling in Europe. So currently I cannot install Daedalus, as it is not available for iOS. I do have Yoroi installed, but haven’t used.

We looked at several exchanges, and installed Binance US, but decided to go with Crypto dot com. They offer VISA debit cards to make the movement of funds easier, and have an active community and great support. Haven’t tried moving funds off the exchange yet, and don’t know how secure it is. But, like CARDANO, I appreciate the Crypto dot com mission of bridging with the legacy world of finance, and making cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses.

If it is considered appropriate for discussion here, I am interested to read more input on exchanges.

Also, it crossed my mind to start writing a freebie Guide for the Crypto-Clueless, if folks here would give me feedback to help assure accuracy and helpfulness. Sometimes a way to learn is to write about it, as the writing requires research and experience. I’d have to be brave to put it out for review here, though, because some of it would surely sound naive.

Welcome Sir!

My question is about how you premeditated this financial decision. More specifically, what made you choose to buy your ADA through Crypto Dot com? Did you consider exchanges like Binance.US? What were you most skeptical about in options you decided to pass on?

Hoping to draw piece of mind from your experience, as I am trigger shy and haven’t yet invested. All the best to you and your wife.

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Your question is welcomed, as it is inviting and timely. I just composed the first draft of an introduction to my story, which responds to your inquiry. Feedback is always appreciated.

[To the admins: may I include links here to crypto posts on the Whole Human site I manage?]

[40water, May I include your questions in a future post on the Whole Human site? I would like to answer there, for the benefit of all.]



Revised May 17, 2020

When new to investing in cryptocurrency, as with any endeavor, it can be helpful before beginning to know one’s motives. Mine were mixed, as they often are.

Clearly for me this enterprise is not about making fast returns. Materialism has never been a high priority. I like an uncomplicated, natural lifestyle with minor comforts and simple pleasures. My life has been rich and full without much money, yet at its ending there is some longing for an outer landscape which matches in vibration with the inner landscape I’ve cultivated.

I had not invested fiat money in anything more than a traditional bank account, until I planted a seed in a cryptocurrency account. In fact, until then I only knew the term ‘fiat’ as an Italian make of car.

Fiat money, the legacy world of finance, has been on the periphery of my awareness all my adult life, due to lack of interest. My heart has always beat faster when my attention was turned to the psychospiritual inner landscape. Now, after a lifelong quest to find the ground of that landscape, and feeling I’ve landed there, a foray into cryptocurrency feels like a suitable adventure.

The potential for a crypto-adventure looked more promising when the Cardano protocol/platform came to my attention. The techno language of Crypto engineers flies over my head, and I feel no relation to recursive snarks or stake pools, so at this time I am content to connect with Crypto in my own conceptual way.

For example, I do relate to scalability, interoperability and sustainability as applied to cryptocurrency. I get throughput as transactions per second, and the need for balance between speed, security and efficient use of resources.

I appreciate Cardano for its vision of bridging between coins of its realm, and between crypto and fiat money, for making the exchange of contracts more universally accessible, for offering an alternative to the rigid, exclusive hierarchical legacy world with a decentralized, open source platform, and for its deliberate, thorough, scientific approach to achieving each stage of its vision.

Strange as it may sound to some, I can imagine metaphoric parallels in a loose and general way, between the Cardano platform/protocol and my expansive psychospiritual inner landscape, where unconditional love is free flowing energy connecting the coins of the realm in transactions per second. I like to see both made available to all.

How anyone else approaches crypto investing is of course up to the individual. My story is that with my wife/life partner, I started by exploring many options for coins to invest in, exchanges which list them, and considerations of security, liquidity, community and support.

At the conclusion of that exploration, we settled on the Cardano ADA as our primary coin, Crypto dot com as our exchange, and the Yoroi wallet as the basis of security on our mobile devices.

Further articles will detail what we have found, and are finding.


Welcome! I hope your journey into the Crypto rabbit hole has been as enlightening as mine has been.

I believe that the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet will soon be supported on Yoroi Mobile. You may want to look into that for better security on your mobile device.

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Thank you, Donnybaseball. The series of posts journaling my crypto story on the Whole Human site incorporates your suggestion.