Having second thoughts anyone? Daedalus wallet

Is anyone having second thoughts about ADA due to most people’s inability to get their ADA coins to the Daedalus wallet?

Not at all, most of the time it’s about the users launching the wallet through a shortcut of Daedalus thus the wallet doesn’t sync because it isn’t updated.

They have to launch from the directory file.

Stay strong


The daedalus.bat file, next to the daedalus.exe file in the directory should even do better.


There’s no way to know the actual numbers but the most reasonable assumption is that, as a proportion of all those who have attempted to do that, the number who have failed is really quite small.

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Good to know I was getting worried after reading how the wallet was malfunctioning and I thought to myself now “I know the Cardano Team has to be competent enough to create a functioning wallet” lol…just thought I would ask

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I’m having issues with a few things about Cardano. I currently hold 1.5 million ADA, and have no confidence in the wallet since it takes forever to sync, even when it works. I see a lot of hype on the internet, however I don’t see much getting done on the roadmap we so patiently wait for every month.
I am also bothered to see announcements of Charles Hoskinson out joining other organizations as an adviser when his team can’t even get the wallet to work, staking is perpetually stuck at 75% on the roadmap, and we don’t even have smart contracts? He needs to hire a CEO, and become the academic, the creative, and the advisor and leave the hard work of building a company to someone dedicated to that function, and can deliver for your investors. I give Cardano one more quarter before people begin to respond as I do. I hope this serves as a canary in the coal mine moment! This is meant as constructive criticism and needs to be addressed!


How is that answer remotely acceptable? What if your IPhone or TV had a work around flaw like that? If my employees came to me with responses like that, they wouldn’t be my employee for long! Especially since these people need to have faith their $million investment is safe. That wallet experience needs to be bullet proof, and I wouldn’t leave my office until it was!


I agree I’m still on strong reserve right now and I’ll hold off on purchasing anymore ADA further notice. The last thing I want to hear about is a non functioning wallet. I do agree with you, I’ve been watching Charles Update videos and also hearing about the advising he does for other organizations. It’s time to put plans in motion and create a sustainable wallet along with other things.


Ron cardano is very complicated, let me give you a personal history lesson on wallets.
I launched a coin in 2014, I had a developer fork Litecoin for me and I paid for a Windows wallet and mac wallet to be developed, then I paid for an android wallet, all of these worked great, I was very proud of what i had done in a short amount of time with very little understanding of the software behind what was going on,and it all cost me less than 1 BTC (if my memory serves me right)
My coin was subject to failure cause of 1 of 2 possible scenarios that I can think of, faulty code in the wallet or Ddos attack, my planning ultimately is the cause of the failure of the coin I launched, planning is very important when it comes to giving someone access to their own decentralized bank - which is what a wallet is - if someone has no idea how to operate their own bank that you designed then you better be sure you have a plan in place that will give them the tools they need to operate their bank, cardano does have very detailed planning and the history of everything they have released so far is backed up with information you need to get on the right track, cardano has plenty of information for someone to get their wallet to work correctly and user friendly programs are in the works like you have stated, and it is coming, but this network is from scratch not copy paste from other blockchains, so I hope that you and everyone else can appreciate the developments in place now and can come to understand that cardano is not in a mature state yet, yes bulletproof wallets are on the horizon, but we know that cardano is not matured yet so let’s wait for the work to be done and give the team some recognition for what they have given us to date.


I had a problem at first with the wallet but found a port conflict on my computer and its been good ever since. Light wallets and other improvements will come. We are early adopters at this point. Things seem to be moving along nicely on the roadmap to me.


Sorry but I don’t understand this post. Anyone who has done his research on Cardano knows that they:

  • are starting from scratch, in a (very) hard to learn yet very efficient programming language.
  • are in the process of brilliantly setting up newer, better and higher standards than any other blockchains that will “make Ethereum look like a toy”, to quote Charles in his Boxmining interview
  • have by far the most transparent and open communication channels, meaning that the roadmap is updated on a regular basis with WEEKLY reports on the tasks accomplished
  • have therefore made it publicly and perfectly clear when the staking will be fully live (Shelley Era in Q2 2018) and when the smart contracts platform will be shipped (Goguen)
  • have one of the best and larger team around, if not the best
  • have informed us (again on the roadmap) that a Light Wallet will also be shipped in Shelley, enabling faster blockchain syncing.

Complaining when your shipment is delayed or very late would be normal, but complaining when everything is perfectly going as planned is NOT normal. Most of the other blockchains think that this race is a sprint, therefore they rush into things to ship their product first, but with many flaws, and that’s when they realise they have been greedy and immature, and have damaged their reputation and their image in doing so.
On the contrary, Cardano has a smart and mature team and they know that this is a marathon, because they have been there before (Bitshares, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic etc…).

I’m not from the Cardano team, yet I find that your critics on the above points are unjustified. It is impatience on a 4 months old coin, if we start from its trading date. They’re not late in their roadmap schedule, in fact there are rumors that they might very well be slightly ahead of schedule. Cardano is not Ethereum or Bitcoin who are trying to repair their engines while their cars are being driven at full speed on the highway.

Friendly advice: it is very bad practice to publicly inform the world of the size of your assets. You are basically daring hackers to target you, and they know how to trick you. If I were you, I would edit your comment.

Did you watch the Boxmining interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcNDSSmkgkA


That wallet experience needs to be bullet proof, and I wouldn’t leave my office until it was!

Those who are old enough will appreciate this analogy: I perceive Cardano as a product with a level of maturity that is somewhere between Windows 95 and Windows 98: Windows 95 was a disaster, but Windows 98 revealed a glimpse into the future of what a desktop OS could be. But in both cases, it was clear from an early stage that Microsoft was going to dominate desktop PCs for many years to come.

The same is true with Cardano, which gives me patience and solace to endure some of the hiccups along the way.


I’m beginning to wonder how many of these problems/rants are just trolls. I haven’t had a single problem with my wallet and I’ve also restored it.


To be fair, of course there are still many issues and there is no denying it, that’s why people need to send their logs. It has been established since the first update that most of the problems are users-related (firewalls, antiviruses, ports issues …etc), and all the Cardano related issues have a solution and the fixes are on the Daedalus FAQ page.

I have noticed that most of the time, those who complain don’t really understand the technology, for instance why it takes time to sync (updating the latest blocks), why it is safe to delete the wallet as long as you have your secret words + wallet name + password (your coins are stored on the blockchain and not on your computer) etc… But it’s perfectly normal, we are still at an infancy stage, everyone here is lucky to witness this!

Nice analogy from @ADALove :slight_smile:


That’s also a thought

My wallet got stuck connecting to network a couple of times but it was easily sorted by deleting a file called ‘open.lock’. It’s fine now. I’m sure that when you get it sorted you’ll like it.

With regard to how long it takes to sync, I hadn’t started mine for 5 days and it took 5 minutes to both connect to the network and sync blocks. I didn’t think that was too bad.

The link below has the fix I’ve used, there’s a fix for windows and one for mac. Like I said I just locate and delete a file called open.lock and that’s on the mac. *** Note, you have to click on the link to see it ***

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You are thinking like a programmer, I’m thinking like a CEO and shareholder. Tell me, would you trust your banks ability to manage your money if you couldn’t access your account? If you can’t get the most basic symbol of “trust” between the coin holder and Cardano correct, how can we trust you will get the really hard stuff working. This is business 101! You do not release half-backed product, and if you do the optics of the CEO working as an advisor on someone else’s board when their customers investments are sitting on exchanges because they don’t trust your product, doesn’t inspire great confidence. The reason most of these coins will fail is “programmers” believing they can defy the rules of business and that customers will believe them “just because.” There is nothing to date, that warrants ADA’s .63 price accept a promise of some intangible yet to come. If staking and a working walled don’t happen within the next two quarters the market will lose interest in the “great bitcoin killer”. Investors don’t want to hear about pie-in-the-sky academic theory when they invest their hard earned money. They don’t want to hear excuses that “it’s hard” therefore your investments are compromised in some exchange. I’m sitting on 1.5 million coins so yes I’m a disgruntled investor. This is constructive criticism because I am an investor! Consider me a canary in the coal mine.

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Nope. But I understand that many short term holders would have second thoughts.

Dear @RonBorden,

Lost Amazon Opportunity. I feel your pain. When Amazon shares in 2001 were trading at ~$10/share, I recall thinking, “Bezos might be a visionary, but nobody cares about vision; they just want reliable products at their doorstep, on time!” So I didn’t invest. Today the share price is $1,400. My loss.

Lost Google Opportunity. When Google shares in 2004 were trading at $60/share, I recall thinking, “$60 per share when they’re competing against Yahoo!, AltaVista, Lycos, AskJeeves, and an army of directory services?!?–are these guys smoking the ganja!” So I didn’t invest. Today the share price is nearly $1,200. My loss.

Lost Microsoft Opportunity. When Microsoft launched WindowsME, it was an unmitigated disaster, which caused MSFT’s share price to collapse to nearly $25/share and I dumped my shares. Today it’s nearly $100/share. My loss.

Technology is More Art Than Science. As an investor, technologist, economist (contrarian, of course), and business owner over the years, one of the things I’ve learned is this: Technology is more art than science, but the same is true of investing. Nobody exemplifies this better than Warren Buffet, who invests in things he understands so he doesn’t lose sleep over companies he doesn’t understand. That’s how he practices the art of investing. And not everybody appreciates the Mona Lisa equally. That’s OK.

Don’t Invest In Things You Don’t Understand. Those of us in the Cardano Community practice a different but similar art: We don’t ignore quality-of-service issues, but we take the time to understand the technology upon which Cardano is built. We understand technologies that change the world take time to mature. We understand that knowledge is power, but it’s also a useful tool to avoid unnecessary stress. When people panic and stress because they don’t understand what they’re investing in, the best thing for them to do is not invest until they have sufficient knowledge to properly evaluate the risks and opportunities.

A Solution to Your Pain & Suffering. I say this with the sincerest intentions: To help eliminate your stress, why don’t you sell your ADA to me or any of us here in the community? I think most of us here would appreciate the opportunity to ease your pain and suffering while simultaneously supporting the only technology in human history that has a realistic chance to fix our broken economic and political systems. Doesn’t that seem like a more productive option than wasting your time venting publicly about issues that the team is already aware of and already working to resolve as fast as possible?


No offense, but most of that is bullshit. Investors invest is many things when they’re just ideas on a piece of paper, it’s the vision and skillset behind the vision that sells the idea.

My guess is it’s not even the wallet causing your problem, it’s probably your firewall or your ISP. Have you tried a VPN?