What is Cardano’s potential for the future?

So what do you guys think cardano is heading towards? Will it compete with eth or even bitcoin one day? I personally think cardano has huge potential for the future because the it is being build with strong fundamentals. What do you guys think?


Here is why I think Cardano will be large. My wife asked me to explain bitcoin, blockchain and why she should care. I lacked the ability to clearly articulate the value proposition. I sat her down in front of youtube and played one of Charles presentation. In 20 minutes she not only understood the concept of cryptocurrency, she saw the limitations of bitcoin and understood how ADA would fix it. This at home mom “got it” after watching Charles explain it for 20 minutes. She then went on the say how neat it would be if our kids medical records where on the blockchain or if her educational credentials could be placed on a ledger. It was at that moment I decided to go all in with ADA. Cardano will be huge because they are creating something that can be understood by the average person.


Very nice view!
I also enjoy Charles’ presentation.


I think right now, with blockchain tech in it’s infancy, a lot of these coins and ico blockchains are rushed out without real testing and support. With cardanos methodical and scientific process approach, along with a realyl strong team. Its going to be the foundation for the next generation of the blockchain.


With a great culture RnD team, when they make a breakthrugh in the project. Its going be huge.
Finger crossed, for those light bulb moments.


Excatly. The way I see it Cardano is all-in one solution. It is like you combine Bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, iota,ethereum, lisk, privacy coins. It’s potential is really huge.


IMO, when you look at all that Cardano has going for it - the goal, the tech, the team, the mission, the methodology - there is not another project that can hold a candle to Cardano. Cardano is being built as the crypto currency of tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow. It truly is Blockchain 3.0 and address all the limitations of today’s blockchain technology. I’m very excited for this project and I think it has a long and prosperous road ahead.


What I find intriguing about Cardano and the ADA team is that there’s really ZERO FLUFF there. It’s hard core scientists, creating ADA and the best Blockchain Tech in the world. There’s very little “pump,” no hard core sales drive, no slick ICO “buy in now before it’s too late” sales pitch. It’s the dream-team of Crypto, and they’ve been working away in the shadows for two years.

Today, we are in below the ground floor of something that has the very real potential to be a blockbuster coin. Anything below a dollar per coin will be “early entry,” and once the world sees that the third-generation of Blockchain is ADA, the coin will soar to heights we can only dream of today. Imagine being able to buy ETH or BTC or Dash at below $.10 each? How many would you buy? How much would you be worth today?

We are the lucky ones, my friends. HODL your ADA, add to it whenever you can, and watch your future grow exponentially.



I’m very confident. Only concern is with the supply volume,

I’ve considered the supply too but when I think about the fact that this will be a global currency and there are currently over 7 billion people on planet earth that’s less than 5 ADA per person. There is currently $1.2T USD in circulation too as a perspective. I think the next question would be burn rate per transaction, etc. to know if the supply decreases over time - I’ll need to research that piece. I’m still very new to Cardano and learning myself.


With BTC at nearly 10k USD today, the market cap is STILL only comparable to a single major mega-corporation. One single currency, the “next” bitcoin, can soar far beyond that. All the Bitcoin in current circulation equals approximately one single General Electric. Realize as well that BTC is NOT at “common acceptance” level yet. As ADA grows in Market Cap (up almost 40% in 48 hours) and the actual utility of the tech becomes apparent to all, we will se some incredible numbers. There is much room to grow.


In the next ten years ADA will not pass the $5 for sure guarnteed by my opinion. It’s not really possible to have 45b x 5 usd = 225 billion dollars. Almost all the cryptocurrency market right now capacity. And in my opinion in the reality the coin will stand on $1 in 2 ~ 4 years and will keep that way because the reason there’s such a big supply is to make the coin stable and usable and like bitcoin which one day can be 9k and the next day 10k which is crazy, insane and not recommended. Cardano purpose is to make this coin usuable and popular not a big lotto reward such as Bitcoin but considering the right now rate 0.05 usd so 1 usd will be 20x so if you put 1k usd you big chances to have 20k usd in a few years.


It should not be about the price at this point. It should be about usability and mass adoption. I strongly believe Cardano will be able to deliver this. Building a strong world cryptocurrency like never seen before. I want to use Cardano in the near future to deposit my salary and buy stuff with ada.


Let’s take a look at the only cryptocurrency the vast majority of the rest of the world has even heard of… Bitcoin. BTC is listed about about $150 Billion market cap as I write this. HUGE SUM, right? Well, to you and me, yes, it’s a vast, unfathomable fortune.

$150 Billion is roughly the market cap of General Electric. GE. One single, large corporation, worth as much as every single Bitcoin in existence. And yet, how many people today, in November of 2017, own any Bitcoin? Have any real knowledge of Blockchain, what it is and what it does? Only a very small percentage.

Bitcoin is on a hyperbolic curve upwards. That’s neither here nor there, and the truth is that that isn’t sustainable forever. But the point I’m making is that $150 Billion market cap is achieved without ANY real mainstream adoption, acceptance, or use.

Looking at Cardano and the ADA coin, we see a coin with new Blockchain technology… 3rd generation, basically. The team in place is striving to fix the many issue plaguing the Bitcoin blockchain today: scalability, microtransactional fee possibility, security. Realistically, Cardano is setting itself up to be the Bitcoin replacement. If not in toto, at the very least in utility, ADA promises to be much more widely used and accepted. JMHO, but I see BTC becoming more of a store of value, while ADA becomes the actual “currency” used for transactions. BTC simply does not have the scalability necessary to allow billions of humans to transact business with it. ADA will.

Look at scale, will BTC go to $1 million? It’s being said that it will by talking heads on TV, so it must! lol. Silly to say for certain one way or another. Just as I believe it’s silly to declare limits on Cardero based on what seems to be a huge sum… but in the reality of a global economy, simply is not much at all. $225 billion sounds like a lot of money… and it is. It’s more than any human being actually owns (Jeff Bezos, world’s richest human, net worth $100B as of this week ~ Fortune magazine)

But on the global stage, the amount of fiat currency changing hands dwarfs that number. It’s thousands of times that amount. Tens of thousands. Perhaps hundreds of thousands. If ADA becomes THAT COIN… the one everyone on the planet uses…market cap at the $225B point will be laughably miniscule.

There are a ton of IFs and we don’t know what we don’t know… but not all of these hundreds of cryptocurrencies will survive. One a few will. Bitcoin, as unwieldy and as troubled as it has been, has weathered the storm and made a lot of people very wealthy. BTC was designed to be a CURRENCY… but it misses the mark because of it’s inherit design flaws. The Cardano team is working to fix those flaws in a new, smoother, safer blockchain. BTC was the first… the Wright Flyer, if you will. Cardano, then, might be the 747. Or the Space Shuttle. Or the A380. Where ADA lands on the spectrum is anyone’s guess at this point, but I am completely certain that if it makes it to $1, (and I am certain it will) that it won’t stop at $5, or $10, or $100. $225Billion in Market Cap is not a large number, when you have the bigger picture.


Imagine bitcoin bubble pops, the crypto collapse. But i still see ADA and Ouroboros could still independently runs and takes the flag. Its that much confidence i have in this project.


I’d just like to remind people that Ethereum essentially has an unlimited coin cap, and that it’s the size and power of a network that really dictates it’s usefulness and therefore it’s value.


Exactly. The supply is irrelevant.
Here’s a quote from a redditor:
“What difference does that make? If the supply was half of what it is now, the price would be twice of what it is now.
Now: For 100 USD you can buy x ADAs.
Total value = x * ADA_price
If you half the supply: For 100 USD you can buy (x / 2) ADAs
Total value: (x / 2 )* (2 * ADA_price) = x * ADA_price
It doesn’t make a difference! The supply is irrelevant.”


After the recent price pumps, I take it that your wife and yourself must be very happy!
I was also lucky enough to get in at 351 satoshis…


what about the funding. Large team of developers and staff with IOHK. Just curious who pays for this ?. What happens when the money runs out (if its runs out). Also do you think haskell is too esoteric. They might need a community of developers to work on it who mainly know c++ / java.


I think Cardanos’ future is bright and that adoption will be widespread. The versatility and functionality of ADA is the likes of nothing we’ve ever seen before. The way it looks now, Cardano has multiple teams consisting of many highly capable, productive, and well educated developers.
So far, they seem to be pulling through on their promises/plans surprisingly well and pretty quickly.

If you do some research and focus on the grand vision of Cardano, the price-spike of ADA doesn’t look so surprising anymore, it just looks like a more accurate reflection of the true value that Cardano brings to the table. I have not seen any project that comes even remotely-close in regards to how “well-thought-out” this project is.
From the simple concepts to the elegant details, to the bigger picture, this project is breathing a bright future.

Especially with the teams at Cardano, with their straight-forward no-bulls#!t get-s#!t-done type of attitude, I see nothing getting in their way to make their plans a reality.

I see a bright future ahead, it’s just a matter of time. I don’t know how big and how bright, but all I know is that we are, without realizing, staring into the moon reflecting the light of the future ahead.

#CardanoMoon :waxing_crescent_moon::first_quarter_moon::waxing_gibbous_moon::full_moon: